Head Gardener

 You can see the spider lamp in the background.
Head Gardener on Summer Patio

The Head Gardener can often be found relaxing on the house patio. This is the perfect spot to read a garden magazine in the sun, or just snooze and enjoy the garden.

Patio Roses

The patio gardens in summer are dripping with beautiful roses, and colourful perennials. In autumn the leaves of the driveway trees turn golden, echoing the colours in the Phormiums planted nearby.

In winter there is low sunshine - just enough to reach the patio table and chairs. Then in spring the crocuses and daffodils pop up and the roses start to grow again. Perennial catmint starts filling out and flopping over the garden edges - the cats, of course, love this aromatic plant!

 My goodness, the table and chairs have weathered well!
Head Gardener on Winter Patio

It's always peaceful and relaxing here, and dogs and cats are never too far away. The patio table is a Non-Gardening Partner original, very stylish to snooze on. The two matching chairs took ages to finish (actually, it took him two years - one each summer holiday). Everything (including the Head Gardener) seems to have weathered well over the years!