River Stone Wall

The new stone retaining wall is in its infancy, but is already a favourite garden feature, visible from inside the house. It retains an area of newly built-up ground which I call The Shrubbery.

 What a boring photograph! A Corokia on the left, a golden Escallonia on the right.
Stone Wall and Shrubbery Shrubs

The photographs below were taken when the stone wall was only six months old. Just a baby, as garden features go! And loads of compost and organic fill were barrowed in behind it to plant the shrubs.

 Just 6 months old.
Stone Wall in Spring 2008

The stones are smooth river stones, and pop up all over my garden - originally the land was part of a river flood plain. I use the stones for path edgings, too - and have plans for greater constructions. A stone belvedere? Maybe next year!

 Springtime, with the Choisya in flower on the left.
View from the House