Cats on Middle Bridge

The Moosey cats use Middle Bridge a lot, either when on gardening duties (following the Head Gardener) or when they need a drink of water from the water race.

 Five of the famous Moosey cats.
Cats on Middle Bridge

As long as Rusty the dog isn't in one of his charging, zooming moods, they can take their time and enjoy the ambience of the gardens. I've never, ever seen one of my cats fall into the water - they're far too clever for that!

First to sample the water is Fluff-Fluff, followed by B-Puss the white cat and ginger Percy. The stragglers are Histeria (black and silver tabby) and Lilli-Puss the grey.

 What beautiful stripes!
Percy the cat on Middle Bridge

When Jerome the grey was a younger cat she, too, used to come over the bridge gardening. Alas - these days she snoozes on the upstairs balcony all day and on the bed all night. She's nearly eighteen years old.

 Jerome is an old grey cat now.
Jerome on Middle Bridge