I always thought that Gazanias would enjoy flowering in my summer garden. There are enough hot spots at the edges of paths, where these pretty daisy-shaped flowers could open in the sun and be seen by a passer-by.

 Subtle colour designs on a simple daisy shape.
Gazania Flowers

It wasn't until a plant collector friend presented me with a tray of his own seedlings that I did anything about it. I potted them up and planted them. Nothing much happened the first summer - or was I too busy weeding and raking paths to notice? Hmm...

Beautiful Colour Combinations

This is their second summer, and I must have a more leisurely approach to the garden, for I've been keeping an appreciative eye on the Gazanias as they flower. The colours are beautiful - all sorts of combinations of orange, apricot, cream, and soft pink, joyous colours for a summer's day. And they seem to be in flower for weeks (in the sunny daytimes, when their petals open properly). I've even provided an edging of river stones for the blooms to rest on. Thoughtful!

 I grew these from seed.

My friend plays around with pollinating and seed-raising, trying to get deliberate strains and colours. I've already collected seed from my plants - we'll see what they turn out like next spring. I know that Gazanias in the nursery are hybrids, so they'd be sterile.

Calendar Flowers

The Moosey Gazanias feature in my 2011 Moosey Flowers Calendar. Have a peep, but you'd better be quick - they're on April's page.