Lichfield Angel Rose

Last Mother's Day was a terribly exciting time - my family told me to buy new roses for my garden, as a present. And so I ordered some striped roses and David Austins (fifteen, actually). One of these is the pretty pastel Lichfield Angel.

 Photographed towards autumn.
Lichfield Angel Rose

Actually, Lichfield Angel was added rather casually onto the end of my list - a pastel pale creamy-apricot to complement all the strong reds and pinks I usually choose.

 One of my latest David Austins.
Lichfield Angel Rose

I planted it alongside the delicate pale pink Sharifa Asma, on the edge of my newly modelled vegetable garden. I try to cultivate a designated edible garden, but when it's the perfect spot for roses... Well, I'm sure you'll understand.

Leave the Rose Labels On!

And I made myself leave the labels on, so I could get to know my new roses properly. There are far too many unknown 'Yet Another Pastel David Austin Rose' (or 'Yapdar' roses) in my garden! And so Lichfield Angel is flowering for the first time for me, above a low brick wall.

Pastel roses can get lost colour-wise under my harsh summer sun, but this creamy palest apricot rose looks gorgeous with terracotta bricks and greenery. Inspired! Deliberate? Well, maybe not, but I've learnt something. Pastel roses and bricks do look wonderful together. Hmm.... Perhaps I could buy more roses and build more brick walls?

A word of warning...

Only a tiny word. The flower-heads are often too heavy for their stems and so the blooms droop over. Of course this happens after rain and/or wind, but often at other times. Might just be my garden...