Teasing Georgia Rose

Teasing Georgia is one of the latest David Austin English Roses to grace my garden. She's a subtle charmer, with flowers of the most beautifully soft marmalade yellow colour.

There are some roses whose names alone suggest they be somewhere in a garden. For example, most New Zealand gardeners will find a place for the pink rose called Sexy Rexy - maybe just one, though, if the gardener is shy.

 One of my new roses which is perfectly happy!
Teasing Georgia

When I saw Teasing Georgia in a rose nursery I bought her on the strength of her name. I imagined her to be named after someone's favourite grandchild, a cute little poppet with curly blonde hair. But I was wrong. The rose is named after Mr. Ulrich Meyer's wife, who may or may not be a blonde. The wife is, according to my google research, a well known media personality in Germany.

Short Climber or Medium Shrub

In David Austin's rose garden, Teasing Georgia is grown as a short climber, covering a fence. She also grows in mixed borders as a medium sized shrub. In my garden she's just new, but she's getting her own personal wooden tripod next year. For now I'm happy for her to 'tease' the neighbouring Carex trifida with those elegant arching canes.

 A beautiful combination.
Teasing Georgia and Carex Trifida

Congratulations to Teasing Georgia for winning the Henry Edland Medal in 2000 for the best scented variety in some important rose trials. And thanks to Google for this information. Now if anyone wants to find out more about Henry Edland...