Garden Bench

The Septic Tank Garden has two sides, with an old sheep fence running through the middle. On the side nearest the pond I've put one of my new garden benches. There's even a tiny path to lead you there from the Laundry steps.

 Through the Septic Tank Garden.
Path to the New Garden Bench

You'll brush past Lavender and Rosemary, then wiggle through the garden past a Yellow Wave flax in a pot. Now you're entering pink territory - in spring a rather large pink Camellia called Gay Baby starts the flowery show, followed by a huge pink Rhododendron and the climbing rose Clair Matin.

 What a beautiful spot.
Garden Bench by the Septic Tank Garden

Of course there are other foliage shrubs and plants to enjoy before reaching your destination garden bench. You'll enjoy daffodils in the lawn in the spring sunshine, and leafy shade in summer from the Oak trees. Don't forget your cup of tea!