Head Gardener in the Glass-House

The glass-house is a peaceful place for a gardener. I can't hear the phone, but my cats can still find me.

gardener hard at work - autumn 2004

Working in the glass-house in winter used to be exciting for Jerome the cat, for many years my most faithful cat gardening companion. There would always be often one or two mice taking shelter and eating left-over seeds from old seed packets, too. Who left these in here?

 Things are never ever tidy in here...
Oh Dear - Glasshouse Mess

Hmm... Should you ever be tempted to peep in here you'll find a mess. Either a spring, summer, autumn, or a winter mess. Sorry about that!

I'm sorry that you won't find Jerome the cat here anymore - she left us come years ago, after a very long country life. Other cats have since been banned from the glass-house because they stomp all over my seedlings. Fluff-Fluff, I'm talking about you!

 Looking pretty pleased with myself!
Selfie - Me in My Glass-House

How time flies! Looking into the glass-house (same glass-house) twelve years after that first photograph, you'll see the same old Head Gardener. Perhaps the word should be 'older'? But the camera's a newer model, and has a self-timing setting...