Stone Wall Foliage Garden

The first part of the Driveway Garden is now crammed full of foliage plants, and edged with river stones. But in earlier days it was left neglected, to get on with growing without my help. Tall gum and pine trees towered overhead, and there wasn't much sun.

 Chsck out my new stone wall!
First Driveway Garden - 2009

Over the years I'd trim back the shrubs and trees to keep the access clear for large trucks - particularly the fire truck. My first improvement was to lay stones along the right side and plant lots of New Zealand natives - Hebes, Pittosporums, and Phormiums.

 This garden is full of survivors.
first driveway garden - 2000

Finally in the winter of 2009 guilt got the better of me. I pulled out the old wooden retainers from the scruffy garden on the left side and built one of my much loved river-stone walls. I filled in the raised garden with compost and horse manure, and planted some huge clumps of Agapanthus.

First Impressions

What an improvement! Now every visitor gets a positive first impression - obviously a well-tended, foliage-filled garden lies just around the bend in the driveway.

But you'll spy snatches of colour amongst all the greenery. In spring there are welcoming groups of mixed daffodils to pass by. Later blue Agapanthus flowers join with summer plantings of red Pelargoniums - a simple and nice look.

No Irrigation

All the year this garden survives with no irrigation. It's now a pleasure to walk, drive, or cycle past the first driveway garden. Nice work, Moosey!

 Photograph taken after the next door pine forest was felled.
The Driveway Fork - 2014

After the driveway comes in from the road it soon splits into two. To the left is the house and the ornamental gardens. The drive to the right goes up and over the water race to the Hazelnut orchard, the hay barn, and the sheep in the back paddock. In 2014 all the huge pine trees next door were felled. Instant sunshine for hours and hours each day!

 The sheep move along this drive between paddocks.
the driveway fork - 2000

This is an early archive photograph, taken before this first driveway area became a proper part of my garden.