Driveway Garden Images

Every day I give thanks for the trees and shrubs which grow in the Driveway Garden. These garden areas are hugely varied, providing dappled shade as well as open, sunny spaces. Here are some of my most recent pictures.

The dogs and I walk around the drive every morning, and then will wander off the track over the Driveway Lawn and into the Hump Garden. This used to be my 'wilderness' garden, where wilderness was a euphemism for 'total mess'. In 2018 the old shelter trees (pines and gums) were felled and the Hump became available for proper gardening, with irrigation, sunshine, and space for plants to grow.

 And Buster the black cat in the distance.
In the Driveway with Hoe and Dogs

The Welcome Garden is now the messiest part of this garden area, but its tough shrubs seem determined to survive with minimal irrigation. Herein you'll find the occasional flowery surprise - yellow Kniphofias, blue and white species Agapanthus, and maybe some treasured variegated purple honesty.

Rhododendrons and blossom trees give the Driveway Garden memorable bursts of spring colour, while evergreen Pittosporums provide pretty greens all year round. In autumn there's a wonderful display of golds and reds from the deciduous trees. And guess what? Far too much autumn leaf raking to do!

The Hump Garden grows from strength to strength, with lots of gifted dahlias and rehomed roses, plus space for potatoes and tomatoes. Its network of paths is ever-changing as the species roses get fatter and thornier. Other assorted plants from friends' gardens have ended up in here - so The Hump Garden is rather a social celebration. Currently I'm filling up the far slope with mulch and horse manure, creating yet more garden space where some of my fiercely energetic rambling roses can go.