2009 Moosey Calendars

This archive page gives me a place to store the old Moosey garden calendars from 2009. Some of the older photographs are just beautiful, and the same days and dates combinations will return some year. Soon these old calendars will be able to be recycled. Yippee! With the passing of gardening time the Moosey Cats come and go, the Moosey dog gets older and more respectable, and the garden changes - from worse to better? Hmm... Anyway, here's my calendar collection. All are still available to download, free, should you want to.

2009 Moosey Garden Calendar

My first 2009 Garden Calendar was an attempt to encapsulate a year in the life of the Moosey garden, its pets and people. I cheated just a little - there were no seriously cold winter photographs. Who needs these? The layout was inspired by a technological discovery - hello Photoshop! I learnt how to create cute little thumbnails of my garden pictures - I have over three thousand of these (not joking).

 The garden looks beautiful in all the photographs...
Moosey Garden Life Calendar 2009

But like having three thousand daffodil bulbs - what to do with them? Ha! Space must be found, they must all be planted, their flowers enjoyed... The result was a pretty, colourful calendar for 2009. I printed my own and sent them to friends and relations as Christmas presents).

Free Download

2009 Moosey Garden Life Calendar (PDF 5.5 MB)

Please enjoy the garden scenes - if bored, you could count the cats (I think there are eight) and dogs (both Rusty and Taj-Dog, the original Moosey canine) in the thumbnail pictures. You might also catch a glimpse of Non-Gardening Partner mowing the house lawns.

2009 Moosey Garden Partners Calendar

The Moosey Garden Partners Calendar, 2009 version, gave me the chance to show my most successful pictures of garden companions. All gardeners understand the value of good neighbours - and plants in the garden do, too. Often by accident I'll place two plants next to each other and get 'it' right, creating a perfect pair.

 The pictures are much prettier than the real garden!
Moosey Garden Partners Calendar 2009

In the 2009 Moosey Garden Partners Calendar New Zealand Phormiums team up with all sorts of different flowers, there's a beautiful pink peony snuggling up to a perennial purple salvia, roses with clary sage...

Free Download

2009 Moosey Garden Partners Calendar (PDF 6.5 MB)

2009 Moosey Garden Flowers Calendar

In the year 2009 I proudly presented a new Moosey Flowers Calendar. I used photographs from my own garden - only picking the freshest and the best. No weeds were allowed!

 Very colourful!
Moosey Flowers Calendar 2009

A friend asked if I'd make her a calendar full of 'pretty girlie flowers' to cheer her up at work. Sweet and simple - and a most enjoyable calendar to make! Many months are represented by colourful annuals, like calendulas, poppies, violas and pansies. I've grown these all from seed. Here it is for 2009, hopefully withstanding the test of time...

2009 Moosey Flowers Calendar - Half-Size (PDF 5.0 MB)

2009 Moosey Roses Calendars

I produced two Moosey Roses Calendars in 2009, and here they are ready for recycling - when the days and dates match up again! And of course, like all my other Moosey calendars, they are free to download. The first calendar featured home-grown roses. I had fun choosing my favourite rose photographs - but which beauties to leave out? There was no subtle air-brushing to remove black spot off the leaves, either.

 This is the Roses-1 calendar.
Moosey Roses-1 Calendar 2009

Free Download

2009 Moosey Roses-1 Calendar (PDF 4.00 MB)

 The half-size version.
Roses-2 Calendar 2009

For the second Moosey Roses Calendar I went further afield than the confines of my own shrubby rose garden to choose the images. You'll enjoy the luscious colours of Sam McGredy's hybrid teas, photographed in the Christchurch Botanic Gardens.

Free Download

2009 Moosey Roses-2 Calendar - Half-Size (PDF 5.0 MB)

2009 Moosey Roses-2 Calendar - Full-Size (PDF 5.0 MB)

But I couldn't resist the home-grown Rhapsody in Blue and several of my beautiful anonymous pink roses. In fact, it gets more and more difficult choosing which roses to leave out! Hmm... Ten rose calendars later...

Christmas Presents

Like my other original calendars, the 2009 Moosey Roses-2 Calendar was produced as a Christmas present for a gardening friend. She asked for pictures of hybrid teas.

She also didn't want any of the roses named - she's had fun all year trying to guess which is what! A rose by any other name smells just as sweet...

 The first Colours Calendar went from April 2007 to March 2008.
Original Colours Calendar

2009 Moosey Colours Calendar

Colour in the garden gives so much energy and life, from flowers and foliage to the big blue sky above. My Moosey Colours Calendar has all the colours of the rainbow - and just a touch of nature's greenery.

Some of my favourite garden colours are the various shades of pink. My flowering annuals and perennials provide these beautiful tones without fuss. Red dahlias, blue delphiniums, orange daylilies - I love them all! My Moosey Colours Calendar showcased some of my most loved photographs of garden colour. It's a deliberately humble collection, with hardly any pushy roses allowed - they have their very own calendars. However, the Fairy rose just managed to sneak in for December...

Free Download

2009 Moosey Colours Calendar (PDF 4 MB)

2009 Moosey Journeys Calendar

Beautiful New Zealand - a clean green land which is so proud of its scenery. I've created a calendar with photographs from my many journeys hiking in the mountains and valleys of Canterbury, in the South Island. This is the 2009 version.

 Photographs from the South Island of New Zealand.
Moosey Journeys Calendar 2009

The images I've chosen show the tremendous variety of day trips I've experienced, since becoming a full-time lady gardener. I'm allowed one day off from my garden duties per week, and I'm not allowed to moan about sore feet or tired legs!

Free Download

2009 Moosey Journeys Calendar (PDF 7.0 MB)

All my 2009 calendars are in a PDF format, and can be downloaded and printed for no charge.

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