I don't believe it...

The second of six wintry cold fronts is roaring? sweeping? charging? through the Moosey sky. Dramatic colours, a bit of mushy hail, and only three degrees Celsius? Bitterly chill winds? I don't believe it.

 Nearly melted.
Aargh! Hail!

Tuesday 24th June

Ha! I've been outside to feed my hens and to take some wintry photographs. All the huff and puff seems to have suddenly blown off up the island, as quickly as it arrived. It's really not too cold at all. I could be gardening. Hmm...

 Fluff-Fluff in the garden.
Cat on Willow Bridge

Histeria the tabby and supercat Fluff-Fluff came with me on my garden walk. We checked out my new paths, and my beautiful new Willow Bridge, and I've taken lots of pictures. It's heart-warming seeing the cats (and the dog) use the new paths - it gives me path-credibility!

Purrcy Percy

Back inside for a coffee, I've just explained to Percy about the small things which make a winter's day seem wonderful. A purring, smooching ginger cat with good computer (and coffee-cup) etiquette is one such. Percy, I love you!

 Hmm... perhaps he could be my favourite cat...
Hello Percy

But I am soooooo cross with Rusty the dog, who has busted into the chicken run and eaten the hens' breakfast - cooked potatoes and swedes, lovingly prepared by me. Greedy dog!

Right. I have a list of Brahms pieces which I intend to learn properly by the end of the week. A gardener threatened with six successive cold fronts in a week naturally plans ahead. Wholesome indoor activities must balance out any lurking nursery-plant-spending-spree temptations...

If I do decide to go outside later this afternoon, what should I do? I will get very muddy, but that's no matter - I'm tough! So which bit of my garden needs me the most? The Wattle Woods?

We Won't Mention the Waterwheel...

The waterwheel (which we won't talk about too much) is stuck, and Non-Gardening Partner has so far successfully avoided fixing it - something to do with the chilly temperature of the water. So the small wriggling stream through the Wattle Woods has been a no-flow zone, and I've been in a semi-sulk - much to the delight of the weeds!

And look - the sun is shining! I think Brahms had better wait until later in the afternoon.


I'm back, after one and a half hours weeding, with Fluff-Fluff the cat rolling around in the dirt and trying to bite my fingers. I've divided and replanted a patch of white flowering Bergenias, and slightly enlarged the edge of the Dog Kennel Garden. But the gardening hands eventually got too cold, even with gloves on. Still, humble little gardening sessions can have grand results!

Thursday 26th June

Adventurous older-lady-gardeners sometimes take two whole days off in a row from their mid-winter gardening duties.

Harbour View :
Winter is the perfect time for enjoying the huge network of walking tracks around Lyttleton.

On the first day they may be found walking on the peninsula hills overlooking Lyttleton Harbour. On the second day they may be busy on a 50km cycle ride, pedalling past flocks of grazing sheep and duck-covered lakes. Yippee!

I'm back! What a great couple of days. There'll be time tomorrow to catch up with the garden.