A Mixture of Tears and Giggles...

 Taken the day she disappeared.
Last Photo of Little Mac

Life with animals is a heady mixture of tears and giggles. I don't think I can write much today. Little Mac (who never, ever, goes far from the house) went seriously missing overnight on Sunday. There's been absolutely no sign of her since, and every room, cupboard, wardrobe, and outbuilding has been checked and rechecked.

I've also hunted and hunted in the gardens, calling and calling, with ginger cats Percy and Fluff-Fluff following, miaowing 'Here I am!' back at me. Even Rusty the dog has been 'searching' in his own way, though he's only managed to find unmentionable things to roll in. He is so stinky, and looks so pleased with himself!

Wednesday 27th February

I'm sorry to have no news of Little Mac. Such a mystery. I spent hours yesterday searching the gardens (and the house) again. Dear little cat. I simply can't find her. She's gone, and I'm really sad. I don't know what else I can do...

But There's Good News Too...

But there's good news regarding the other cats - they are clear of the Feline Aids virus that showed up in ginger Percy's blood test. He's really perked up, too, and has been faithfully following me everywhere (the fresh pet meat treats may explain his zealous devotion). Big Fluff-Fluff knows I'm sad and won't leave my side. Lilli-Puss has turned up for a smooch and a cuddle. Histeria the tabby is also a bit concerned and keeps trying to climb onto my lap. Even when I'm standing up - ouch!

 I miss her so much.
Little Mac the Black and White Cat

And what about Tiger? She's been watching me poking around the house gardens, chirping out lazy miaows of encouragement (I'd like to think that's what the noises are). And she indicates her disdain for the fuss of the vet visit by sprawling over the top of her cat cage and exposing her exceedingly floppy white belly. Vet visits are stressful? Nothing stresses Tiger except missing out on fresh pet meat, hee hee.

I Love All My Cats

So in the sadness I am surrounded by my lovely big cats. And in the case of Tiger, too big... They bring me so much joy, and they make ne laugh. I love all my cats.

 So pretty.
Sunny Smiles Roses


It's been a gentle Mac memorial sort of day. I floated petals and buds of the soft yellow rose Sunny Smiles down the water race and said goodbye. I promised Little Mac I'd be inspired by this rose and always have 'sunny smiles' when I thought of her. I did some gardening around the gardens she used to love visiting, and took lots of cheering-up flower photographs.

 Little Mac loved this garden.
The Herb Spiral

Then Rusty the dog and I went for a memorial cycle ride, where I planned to talk solemnly to him. He was far more interested in various items of feral road kill, and rather lowered the tone of the half hour! The day finished with dog-related news, too - Rusty has a cyclone named after him, and it is making for the West Coast of Australia. Eek! I hope it finds all the empty spaces that Australia is known for and doesn't do any damage. Rusty!

Bye Bye Little Mac

Now back to you, dear Little Mac. I'm so sorry that I've 'lost' you. I'll hold you in my thoughts for ever. Thank you so much for being my little cross-eyed furry black and white friend.

 On the bridge to the Willow Tree Garden.
Little Mac the Cat, Big Gunnera