Goodbye, little house...

It's the last day before the little house in town 'belongs' to the demolition team. We are off to pay our last respects, and get one last trailer load of bricks. I'm building up the walls around my Herb Spiral, just adding one layer. Even if the bricks are liable to be knocked off by a zooming dog, they look wonderful. Such a pretty look, the way the walls hug the swirly spiral in the middle. Awww....

 Three dogs! Rusty, Winnie, and Escher.
My Brick Herb Spiral in Winter

Small comment : in the dead of winter my mortaring efforts look slightly disgraceful. Does this worry me? Not really. When the trimmed herbs are spilling with vibrant growth over the bricks again these unsightly mortar blobs will hardly be noticeable. Only a perfectionist nit-picker would find such things offensive, and they can take a mid-winter hike, hee hee.

Much, Much Later...

Hello, Herb Spiral, now looking so beautiful, even in mid-winter. The surrounding brick walls are finished, and I need a trailer-load of top-soil and compost to build up the garden beds within. Then I need a swish of spring so I can weed properly and start planting.

Black and White Rooster :
Now I have three metal chooks to peck and poke around in this little foliage garden.

And hello, new black and white metal rooster. Welcome to Henworld, my garden near the hen house. No scrapping with the other rooster, please. You two have to share the hen...

And so this mildly momentous (?) weekend is over, and we are all inside by the log-burner. Cats Buster, Tiddles, and big Fluff-Fluff are snoozing, old man-dog Rusty is lolling in his chair, while the younger dogs Winnie and Escher are playing 'tug-of-war' on the dog-couch. The Toy de Jour is a knitted policeman (oops) and there is much concentrated groaning and carrying on. Oh dear. The policeman will inevitably come apart (ouch) and then Escher will pick out the stuffing, ever so carefully. But he doesn't eat it. Phew!

The Little House :
A tiny wooden cottage, one hundred years old, whose one double-brick wall crashed down in the earthquake.

Non-Gardening Partner (who has been such a great help) is reading about Pluto the dwarf planet, while I am thinking fondly about the little house and the hours I've spent there. Goodbye, dear little house. I feel honoured to have been a small part of your last couple of weeks. I'm glad your fence-line Camellias were shifted today, too. Out of harm's way, just in case. Cheers.