The Pond Garden needs me!

Something very connected has happened. Last night I was looking at photographs of the dogs swimming in my pond. Now I am inspired! The Pond Garden needs me! It needs my rake, and my hand scraper (which I think is lost), and my weeding thingy (?) and my nippers.

 A photograph taken last summer.
Dogs Swimming with Tennis Balls

And most of all it needs my energy, vision, and ability to start and finish something the same day. Oops. I wish I hadn't said that!

Sunday 5th July

All this last week I've been busy working on the new dog-path behind the Shrubbery. The surrounding gardens aren't finished, but there's a good reason for today's change of gardening venue, so to speak.

 The big yellow Wattle tree is starting to glower.
Pond Cottage in WInter


Yesterday I tried to clean up the mess alongside the dog-path. It was too difficult to handle and drag out, and I went all sad. I almost cried. Oh dear me! So I restricted myself to filling the trailer with old branches of wood, and trotted off to the bonfire, still feeling defeated. I hate it when something beats me in my own garden.

Pond Garden, here I come...

Right, my lovely pond garden with your paths and beautiful plants (for example a clump of Elegia, waving around in the wind). And your scruffy trees, tough shrubs, and gum tree mess. Here I come.

Later, Lunchtime...

Hmm... '=]-----------------------[,./ ' Thanks, Buster the black cat, for your contribution. It fairly sums up how I'm feeling after my morning's work. Blast!

Monday 6th July

Don't worry - the day ended in triumph! I worked so hard. After that slight mood-collapse at lunchtime I went back out and worked harder. I worked smarter. I told myself that I could make a difference. I could 'tie up loose ends'. Rather apt, this phrase. And so I tied the rambling rose up into the big pond tree, then raked more mess up, dug out coarse Carex grasses, spread new top-soil and compost, and... Wait for it...

Determined to finish the day with 'everything' done, I trundled all the day's rubbish over to the bonfire and burnt it. This took until dark, by which time I was foot-sore, my old lady knee was slightly achy, and I didn't have energy left for word-writing. I toddled off to bed at 6:30, one of my earliest yet. Oops!

 So pretty in the sun.
Waterside Fern

But I'm full of words now! We are off to the dog park, and then I'm meeting my friend for morning coffee. I thought I might do less plodding today, not that one doesn't plod around a dog-park, mind you. Exercise for the owners as well as the dogs.

 This grows near the new dog-path.

Later, Lunchtime...

Now the dogs and I are off out again, to pick up some used bricks. They are for the gardens which surround my brick Herb Spiral. How exciting! We are being soooooooo busy!

And Dusk, Just Checking In...

I laid the bricks on top of the little brick wall. I am not necessarily going to mortar them. Not yet. Then I spread all the remaining topsoil and compost in the back of the Shrubbery next to the new dog-path. The dogs and I went for a couple of walks around the pond to check the paths and take wintry photographs. Winnie went for several swims. The water is quite cold - it's already iced over once this winter. Brr...

Wednesday 8th July

Yesterday was a non-gardening day. I spent the afternoon working in town, digging up bricks from a courtyard and laying them on pallets, simultaneously throwing young Winnie's tennis ball. Then - such silliness - I was meant to pop a small load of bricks in my car to bring home. And I forgot. I dreamt of brick patterns, though : basket weave, herringbone... Quite calming, actually.

 That water is nearly frozen.
Winnie by the Pond

Today after taking the dogs to the dog park I'm returning for another up-the-bricks session. Apparently it's snowing lightly in town, though. No snow here, and let's hope it stays that way! I love the way the border Collies ignore the rain, the sleet, and the wind. Big brown Escher, the German pointer Labrador cross, huddles in a shivering heap, and has to wear his suit. I think if I was a dog I'd like to be a fluffy one.