Over the snow...

Now I have lots and lots of snow photographs. Ho-hum? Well, not really, for me. Snow doesn't happen very often. And it certainly isn't supposed to settle, or hand around for too long.

This morning, after lighting the log-burner and drinking a cup of tea, I made a decision. I am over this snow which is now into its second full day of squashing my garden and its plants. I want to be digging and weeding. Weeding! Honestly, I do, I do. I want to be able to sit down (or at least kneel) without puddles of slush swirling around my pants. Grr.

 Still happy!
Snow Gnome

Thursday 13th July

Mind over matter. I concentrated fiercely, thinking warm, positive thoughts. I hummed. I would melt the snow with my personal mental strength, and recharge the aquifers in the process. I then peeped outside. Aargh! Where's my lawn? And the Anemalenthe grasses, all flattened...

I love seeing snow on the distant mountains. That's the perfect place for snow! I couldn't cope with three months, or (eek!) six months of the white stuff lolling around on the ground. Even two days is one too many. Actually, one week is my absolute maximum.


Minimus (my cottage cat) has slept on her own for two nights now, with only the electric blanket to keep her warm. Awwww. It must be so lonely without me! So last night I trotted over with my book, torch, radio, and lots of yummy cat food. I got into bed. It started hailing. Minimus smooched me for a few minutes, then insisted she wanted to go outside. To explore? Surely not to hunt? I'm afraid so. Humph. It was too cold to leave the window open, and the hail was too noisy, so I gathered up my stuff and came back inside the house.

And Buster!

Yesterday I started a jig-saw, a sunny scene of a picturesque gorge and village in Spain. This would be good for passing the indoors time, I thought. Yes. It was - until Buster the cat leapt onto the table and skidded through, ready for battle. The jig-saw monster is back! Last summer she vanquished a Lavender Garden in England, batting loose pieces around the room, then pouncing and chewing them. The sounds and hand movements of jig-sawing are so delicate and quiet. Yet Buster immediately knows what I'm up to.

 36 hours later.
The Snow is Melting!

But back to today. Now my dog and I will venture forth. We will slosh around the orchard in the sloppy rain and check the sheep. We will check the evergreen shrubs for damage. We will also look for signs of colour - early flowering bulbs, red rose hips, any rose daft enough to be trying to bloom, and so on.

 Found one!
Red Flower Carpet Rose

Then we'll set up the birds with new food for their day, warm up with a morning coffee, and try not to brood on the state of the garden. I said try!

Much, Much Later...

Well, I've been for a swim and a coffee. It's been dripping rain all day, and I think my snow is slowly disappearing. I'm sure there is less! Five minutes drive east towards the coast and none has settled at all. My house and garden are right on the edge. Hee hee. The cutting edge?