New garden books...

Garden Books

Decided I needed a change from winter garden maintenance, so I've been flicking through my new garden library garden books.

Tuesday 7th August

Interesting - the first author doesn't want me to remove any weed roots, because this causes 'disturbance'. I should just cut the tops off.

And if I encourage native plants, then the unwanted weeds will give up the ghost and stop trying to resprout. Hmm. Tell that to my dandelions! I understand the concept of 'minimal disturbance', but this author doesn't even mulch. Hmm again. Oh well, a different idea I guess, thought-provoking for a rainy day.

But all the gardens in his book seem to be messy meadows, with large colonies of tall weeds and grasses carved up by mown paths. I couldn't do this because of the fire danger in summer. And my favourite native plants are more substantial and shrubby, anyway.

Wednesday 8th August

I have spent today outside wondering how many new weeds I'm introducing (thanks so much, no-mulch man) as I spread lashings of horse manure and mulch on the Stumpy Garden. Got a bit - dare I say it - bored, so weeded (aargh! disturbance!) in the Birthday Rose Garden.

 Second flowering for this shy shrub.
Danae - Hybrid Musk Rose

I uncovered irises which were being smothered by self-sown Lychnis. I pulled out Euphorbia polychroma. I pruned the lovely country rose Danae, plus the nit-pickier Blackberry Nip and Fisherman's Friend.

 Looks so sweet and well behaved, yes?


My second library book looked more promising, called 'The Thoughtful Gardener'. And it had pictures of mass plantings of roses. Oh yes, this sounded (and looked) a lot more like me. But the thoughtful gardener-writer was not so inspiring. She likes to' wild up' her gardens with (it seems) mass plantings of weedy white Yarrow. I'm not sure that I approve.

Thursday 9th August

Am having lunch on the patio, feeling very droopy. The dogs are barking at the dogs over the road who are barking back at my dogs who are barking... Etc. Dogs are so 'out there' in their community. Cats (good morning, slinky Buster and purring Tiger) are much more internalised.

C'mon, birds, inspire me...

I am watching the birds fluttering over their bird feeder, hoping for inspiration. C'mon, you lovely birdies, all so very busy. Help me get busy. I need to get back to my garden! This morning it felt like I'd worked for ages, but it was only two hours worth, and this is not enough. I was barrowing in mulch - spreading it lightly on the garden borders, over the horse manure, then more heavily on the paths.

Not even a flutter of inspiration, so here's a plan instead. Worse - it's a list!

  1. Spread ten more loads of mulch. Ten! Aargh!
  2. Spread six more bags of horse manure.
  3. Rake up three loads of mess and ignite bonfire.


Hee hee. There I was, head down, five barrowloads of mulch to go, muttering to myself, and guess what? It started raining. Harder and harder. So my bonfire was a no-go, and I dripped inside, feeling rather naughty. Hee hee.

 The Forget-Me-Nots are bulking out nicely.
Back of the Willow Tree Garden

Lit the wood burner, changed into dry clean clothes, and picked up my final library book. This one is very Californian, all about using the garden as an outdoor living space. Great idea! But all the seats have rows of artfully placed cushions, and there are lots of 'day beds'. Hmm. I'm looking at the rain splattering down on the patio. Would I remember to get all the cushions in? Probably not!

Oh well...

Three gardening library books, and I didn't take any notes at all. Oh well. Back they go. Better to get inspiration from mulch and horse manure, I reckon.