Wow. Today I had an amazingly productive day. Why? Because I decided to let time go all blurry. I didn't count the hours. I just kept an eye on where the sun was. Natural solar gardening, hee hee.

 With its new blue skies background...
The Island Bed

And in no time at all the sun had completed its low arc, skidding over the top of the last standing row of gum trees in The Hump. I did a lot of wandering and staring - and raking, clearing more mess left by the tree felling.

 Garden gold!
Bags of Horse Manure

Roll on Monday week...

The men come back on August 20th (Monday week) for another day's work. Oooh goodie! This new area of my garden has beautiful contours and makes my front of house gardens look so expansive. I'm hoping that the extra rations of sun will destroy the moss in the Driveway Lawn.

Then I ran out of horse manure. So we drove down the road four times and I filled my car boot, three bags at a time. The dogs barked madly at Zak, the black and white Border Collie who lives with my horse poos lady. Don't worry about those bitches, I told him. One feels naughty using such language out loud, hee hee.

Friday 10th August

A day spent pruning roses (there are sooooooo many roses) and ferns (there are soooooo many ferns), mainly by the little castle, trying not to stomp on all the blue Corydalis (it's not in flower yet), hoping that Easleas Golden Rambler is still alive to ramble for another year. A very odd rose, this, with huge old-fashioned flowers and hardly any canes. Oops. Perhaps it would like some horse manure?

 Pretty pale blue.

Today proceeded at a rather sedate, somewhat tired old-lady pace, I'm afraid. I could write a long and detailed list of the things I didn't do and should have done. But I did wander around quite a bit, taking photographs, enjoying the garden 'ripening'.

 Behind the Stables
Ivors Camellias

Ivor's pink Camellias behind the Stables, Hellebores in full swing (or should that be 'full droop'), Forget-Me-Not plants fattening and greening out.

Sunday 12th August

Aha! After my lovely over-night visitors left I rolled and stacked four more trailer loads of firewood logs, all of which Non-Gardening Partner had chain-sawed up in the morning. Then, just as I was barrowing in horse manure to the Island Bed, pondering a grand explosion of weeds, my horse poos lady arrived in person and dumped thirty more bags off. Wow. Thirty! And I thought I'd run out. Oh boy!

 NGP sawed these logs up this morning.
View of House from The Hump

Then Non-Gardening Partner and I drove out for hamburgers, and we had a discussion about future irrigation in The Hump. Valves and/or drippers were mentioned, with NGP trying hard to be as non-committal as possible, while I was trying to sound terribly wise, thoughtful, and extremely well-planned. Hee hee...