The prettiest blue in the garden.
Annual Blue Salvia

Spend, spend, spend. Presents! Boxing Day specials! Sale price - 50% off! Spend more. Bargains! Sales! Spend money! But not me. Oh no, not wise old me (rather virtuous, smug even, could become awfully annoying old me).

The Best-Ever...

I am very happy with my best-ever non-commercial non-consumer Christmas. I am spending time on my Five Important Things (keeping 'FIT', hee hee) : Doing music, connecting with my family and friends, doing my garden, talking and playing with my cats and dogs, and finding new things to think about (this means books). At the moment I am puzzling about the Lena delta in Siberia, and how seriously difficult it must be to live and survive here. As one does.

I am happy with my Christmas tractor (which I haven't yet tried to drive - but that can wait). I am also happy with my Christmas jigsaw. It is a bit of a stinker, not a push-over, though it only has 1000 pieces.

I am happiest of all with my Christmas kittens, Red Fred and Black Fred. These little treasures were a big hit with the family visitors, especially the small people. And extremely forgiving kittens, being patted and picked up when all they wanted to do was snooze in their baskets.

 Identical boys.
The New Kittens

Now we are at peace again, so to speak, and so they eat, sleep, wrestle, and chase each other around the house patio, ignoring the dogs. Dogs? Those lumbering, smelly, slow things!

I've spent a couple of good garden sessions yesterday and today standing in the water race weeding - a summer gardening style, and so refreshing. I've also done a bit of naughty bend-over weeding in The Hump (naughty because the aged hip can complain later).

 Lots of Lychnis.
the Willow Tree Garden is Weeded

The garden is very flowery, and the Christmas visitors did mention this. Nobody said it was looking gorgeous, though, but I already knew that! The Alstroemeria is stunning, as is the Lychnis. And the daylilies are getting going again. Beautiful flowers, these, when they decide to have a good year.

I've done some good piano practice - Bach and the grooviest piece by Albeniz called 'El Albaicin'. The latter was going sooooo well until I hit a host of double flats. Aargh! So I've decided to have a glass of House Rose-Ay, and then cook a fillet steak sandwich for dinner.

What day of the week is it?

I love my garden. And I love this timeless summer holiday feeling. So what day of the week is it? Does it matter?