Wonderfully, tremendously, superbly lovely

 Such pretty colours.
Sally Holmes Roses

My garden is looking rather lovely. No. wait! Far too modest. It's looking wonderfully, tremendously, superbly lovely. I love the shapes of the borders, and the paths, and the trees. I love the feel of everything, as well as the plantings.

And it's raining again. Yeay? Hmm... So my garden has much green growth (especially lawns and weeds), and a lazy-bones gardener, to whom the thought of getting dripping wet does not appeal.

While this latest rain and drizzle lasts, my idea is to schedule lots of important engagements - swimming with my friend, lunch with the Dog-Path ladies, library visits, coffees in cafes, and so on. Then of course I will be far too busy to do any wet weather gardening!

Thanks, dogs...

The dogs are pretty good-natured about this. I tell them they're getting 'quality kennel time', hee hee. And an extra slither of dog roll seems to do the trick.

Things I love - the summer flowering Hebes and the first of the daylilies. And the last of the rhododendrons to bloom, and the later flowering roses. I love walking past the giant Himalayan lilies (whose scent is also giant)

 My plantsman friend gave me the bulbs.
Giant Himalayan Lilies

I love having my early morning cup of tea on Pond Cottage's cottage verandah with Minimus the cat, gazing at the pond and listening to the birds. I love having my lunch outside (when dry) on the house patio with my dogs, surrounded by flowers. I love the roses!

And I love our walks, wet or dry, around the orchard and the gardens looking for sticks. That's what the dogs think we're doing, even if I'm only looking for new beautiful things to marvel at and take photographs of. Best not to tell them.

 In the Allotment Garden, with lots of sunshine.
Graham Thomas Roses

A wave of rose admiration for Graham Thomas and Sally Holmes. These two roses bloom later, and I have 'little mass plantings' of them. Their flower clusters always stay in my garden (neither is a good 'picker'). Love them both dearly.