I think the equinoctial (odd spelling, but checked it) gales might have started. The wind roared noisily all night, not easy to sleep well through. Forecast to last all week, and unpleasant to be outside gardening in, which I am soon to find out!

Tuesday 15th September

I'm hoping to have another seeds and weeds day : have potting mix and some nice seed raising mix. And my friend has just brought me twenty-one bags of horse manure, fresh eggs, and two Yukkas in pots. Splendid!

 I removed any offending brown flowers!
Camellias Flowering Now

By the way, I asked her about her Camellias. All her flowers, even the new buds, are streaked with brown. Just like mine. One grunty frost did this, I reckon. It makes for some rather ghastly photographs, which I'm not sure I want to show you!


Have been weeding in the Herb Spiral and surrounding gardens. Exciting news : I've found a mass of sturdy Orlaya seedings (I scattered seeds here last summer).

Orlaya :
Orlaya is an annual white lacy flower, medium height, with the stickiest seeds.

Have scooped them all out and potted them up properly - estimate over two hundred plants, if they survive their shift of location. Amazing! I love Orlaya. Ordered it some years ago from my seed catalogue - it's not very well known here.


So sorry, garden, but the wind is roaring around overhead and I don't feel totally safe. Was doing really well - had done more weeding, planted some spare dahlias, and found more seedlings to pot up properly - white Clary sage.

 On the house lawn...
Big Gum Tree in Wind

But then the noisiest, strongest, and longest gust of wind bellowed rudely. I watched the big gum tree swaying, and decided to come inside the house. Too scary. Found both my dogs snoozing inside on couches - it's too noisy for them, too. Actually wondering if the power will go off.

 Much nicer!
Blossom - View from the House

Am enjoying this much calmer view of the trees from the safety of my house - I poked the camera out a window, looking over the Island Bed to the big flowering cherry tree. Two pink blossomed prunuses add to the prettiness. Hope that nasty wind doesn't blow off all the blossom.