Weeds and Seeds

Weeds and seeds are on the agenda for this week. And a plan to be more morning-focussed. Am slowly emerging from winter, where no gardening is pleasant or possible before about 11am.

 In the glass-house.
Orlaya Seedlings

So I end up drinking multiple cups of tea, staring out windows, and generally mooching around the house. I spend morning time watching Youtube trekking videos, too - am currently wandering around Scotland with the nicest young woman. Oh, and writing lists for my gardening journal.

Not any more!

Well, not any more. I need to be out and about early. Here's this morning's one, items put in order. Too much attention to detail, maybe, but it should rev me up.

  1. Walk the dogs, putting milk bottles at gate. Yeay! Old school milk delivery!
  2. Do my Zoom Silver Swans ballet class.
  3. Buy weed scrapers, potting mix, and cheap Lavender plants.
  4. On way home, quick visit to library. Yeay! New library books!

And then I get into my small scale weeding and my seedling production. By now it should just be lunchtime, yes?

 Starting to flower now.
White honesty


Yes, home I am, minus potting mix - road works with a giant detour, couldn't work out how to get to the landscaper's. Grabbed lunch, poured a hot coffee, and now the idea is to start weeding with one of my new ten dollar claw scrapers. It's going to be a warm, blustery afternoon. And it's wonderful to have such a selection of garden areas in which to weed.

Three Hours Later...

Hmm... Have been weeding one side of the Pergola garden by the Herb Spiral. The scraper has been great, I've planted spare Lychnis plants in the gaps, and removed lots of weeds.

But what I'd visualised (a large-scale expanse of weed-free beauty) has not come to pass. How could it? Small-scale weeding comes with small-scale visual rewards.

 So pretty!
Dandelions in the Lawn

But I have spot weed-killed lots of dandelions (oops - such pretty yellow flowers), and watered my seeds in the glass-house. Am now thinking I'll shower and wash my hair, then go semi apres-gardening. Go back outside for another dog walk, check the sheep (please be OK, lambs), put the hoses on...

Herb Spiral in Spring

For thoughtful reading later on I have a book which analyses the concept of going on pilgrimages. I do wonder if the motivations and expectations for 'pilgrimaging' might be the same as gardening? Or is that a totally silly comparison? I mean - lots of people who go on pilgrimages write about it, as do lots of people who garden. And they write about doing the same things each day. And their goals and reasons keep on changing. Hmm...