Today is the tenth anniversary of the Christchurch Earthquake. I do my own remembrance by floating rose petals down the water race at the appropriate time, 12:51. Hopefully I get the time right this year.

 That is its name.
New Zealand Gardener Rose

February is galloping along. And it's a short month, too. I'm OK with that, as long as I do a bit of work each day. But if I miss a day (like yesterday) it's OK, too. Be kind to myself.

Later, Lunchtime...

I have been trimming and weeding in the Hump, and am watering with my little hose, which I have promised to shift every half hour. Said hello to Tiger the cat, who is at rest by the hugest dahlia ever. Dug out lots of clover weeds. Noticed that the rose Corylus (which is covered beautifully in hips) is spreading and spreading - dug out some little miniature roses from underneath it. Am I worried about Corylus? I had no idea it would do this. It could be another of my Grand Mistakes...

 Lots of people throw flowers into the local rivers to commemorate this day.
My Memorial Rose Petal Throw

Collected some petals for my water tribute from the pink rose called New Zealand Gardener - because that's what I am. Now I need my dogs, for company in this solemn moment. Not that dogs know how to be solemn...

 On Willow Bridge.
Pebbles by the Water


Done. Then the dogs and I wandered down the driveway to the front gate and back around the orchard. I started to explain the significance of this day to them - got very sniffy and sad, cried a bit. They both licked my legs to comfort me. Eek! Dear things.

I did a bit more gardening work and shifted the hoses. Dug out and potted up the second miniature rose. Looked around at the trees (some self-sown) in the Hump. They are twice as tall and three times as fat as I am. The Miscanthus zebrinus grass is huge. Everything is huge.

Then we went and looked at the Koru courtyard, built with so-called earthquake bricks. Hmm. They're very mossy, and an invasive Euphorbia is rather enjoying growing in the cracks. Very symbolic of garden life, I guess. I promise I will clean it up - again, very symbolic of garden life.

Actually, I will ask Non-Gardening to clean up the moss. He has some stuff which will not harm the tree roots beneath. Great idea! When in doubt, delegate.

 Winnie is sitting in the distance waiting.
The dogs on the front driveway

A reflective day, very thoughtful. Am very blessed.