My silly cats

My silly, silly cats. Oh boy. Early morning in Pond Cottage : Speckles and Minimus had already had their respective breakfasts and cuddles. Sitting on the verandah drinking my cup of tea and having my own breakfast, I could see one of the Fred cats perched high on a nearby tree branch, keeping a discrete watch on proceedings...

 Still hungry...
Speckles is Back!

Minimus had gone back to bed. Re-enter Speckles on the path by the verandah. He had obviously not had enough breakfast.

 And so generous!
Minimus is Lovely

Dear Minimus

Right in front of me, without a moment's hesitation, he jumped up into the cottage window and right over dear Minimus on the bed in the cottage, landing with a thump on the floor. After checking her food bowl (empty), he leapt back over her into the open window, and out. Cheeky cat!

But I'm so proud of Minimus for not making a fuss having a cat fly over the top of her. I'd be furious!


Meanwhile Fred was still up in his observation post in the tree. Not trusting him for a minute, I went over to 'say hello' and encourage him to move. The distraction worked - he fooled around, rolled in the fork of the tree to show me his tummy, misjudged his platform of stability, and fell down plop! into the garden. Then, with 'that' scary gleam in his eye he prepared to launch himself up my leg. Aargh! I'm sorry, but I ran away towards the house.

Fred then stationed himself on the fence-post leading into the Pond Paddock. He sat perfectly still, and waited. And waited, hoping that the unsuspecting Speckles might walk underneath him and not have the 'garden smarts' to think of looking up. Then Kapowee! Ambushed from above...

 Not to be trusted!
Hello Fred

Kept a watch on Fred, who stayed there for nearly an hour. The thought of leaping upon Speckles must have been worth it. Even the appearance of black Buster (who danced past on the nearby lawn) couldn't tempt Fred away from his vigil. What perseverance. My silly, silly cats!