I'm thankful - Part Three

 In autumn.
My Cottage

Sorry about this, but I haven't quite finished. Continuing the theme of things I am thankful for, I'm going back to my cottage which started off these gushing ramblings. Last night there was a huge thunder storm - really noisy, spectacular flashes of lightning, sheets of splattering rain, even some hail.

No leaks, happy cats...

I am so thankful that my cottage didn't leak. Pretty simple, this! And that Minimus my cottage cat (who had been outside) came in, curled up calmly, and ignored all the racket.

Woke up in the morning to peace in the garden and Speckles the stray cat, completely dry, on the verandah. He wasn't at all nervy. His tummy, however, seemed to be very empty. Two breakfasts later, he was very happy and very smoochy.

What thunder storm?

As were the Fred cats when I went over to the house. Are you two OK? I asked. I think their reply went something like 'What thunder storm?' followed immediately by 'Where's our food?'. I gave them each a cheery apres-storm pat on the head and filled their cat bowls.

 In the garden.

But seriously, I am so thankful that my cats seem oblivious to nature's occasional displays of bad behaviour. As are my dogs - except they usually wander over to see if their person (me) is OK.

Today's third recipient of my thankfulness award is fungi. I know little about the secret lives of fungi, how and where they grown, and I make no attempt to identify them properly. But they bring me much joy at this time of year. I suspect that the continual showers of rain have helped them increase.