More planting...

Twelve more new plants to plant, shouldn't take much time at all, right? Hmm. Almost certainly wrong! One minute to buy a plant, one hour to plant it properly in the garden? Sometimes it can take me this long!

 The Wisteria is changing colour.
Patio Pots

But I have made some progress. All the daffodil bulbs are in various pots, scattered around and positioned so their flowers will be seen (by me) as they face the sun - good thinking, this! The Red Fountain Cordyline and the stripey Carex are in pots sitting in the middle of the small patio garden.

Sulky bonfire...

Was all geared up to keep planting, but wind was forecast for the afternoon. So I raked out five barrow loads of gum tree leaves from behind the pond to add encouragement. It gurgled on, quite sulky from all the rain we've had. I prefer my bonfires to flame merrily. We both beat the wind, though.

 Still too close to the bonfire, though!
My Old Wheelbarrow - Seat

And something rather nice, awfully like a phoenix rising from the ashes. My half-burnt (i.e. melted) green wheelbarrow makes a wonderful seat! It's the perfect height and the right shape for the gardening bottom. It's also well balanced and easy to push up out of. Less mobile older gardeners know how long it can take to transition from sitting to standing in the garden, hee hee...

Buster the Black Cat

By the way, Buster the black cat has left the following cryptic message on my computer : '5688888444445ghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh'. Please get back to me if you can crack the code. Buster tells me she is a member of a Secret Cat Society. Their identifying mark is a wee splodge of white under the throat. They spend most of their days spying on gardeners.