Not fair!

It's still too hot for me to be happy gardening, even first thing in the morning or after sundown. I am doomed (for now) to wander aimlessly around my garden in the shade, just looking. And seeing so much that needs doing! Not fair!

 Sunny yellow.

Spent about an hour and a half today trying to be garden-busy. Firstly I collected a barrowful of mess which included lots of dry, crackly gum bark. Then I went into the water race to trim Phormium leaves and throw Winnie's stick for her. But even in the shade in the water I got too hot.

 They seem to  last longer in a house vase than in the garden.
Yellow Gladioli


Now I have several choices of indoors activity - a book, the jigsaw, or some web-gardening. Or cook a meal? I'd rather not! P.S. Never before have I sipped so much water during the day. Showing some common sense, this.

Monday 7th February

Went outside first thing to pick some flowers for the house. Found lots of bumble bees snoozing in single dahlia blooms - nearly every flower had a resident bee. Hope they are all OK and not suffering in the heat. Ended up cutting Crimson Cascade roses and gladioli again (they seem to last for weeks in a vase).

Only an hour...

Only able to do an hour's gardening. Collected and dumped two barrowfuls of mess, put the little watering hoses on the Allotment Garden, divided a sad Astelia and potted up the pieces, and refilled two shiny blue pots on the house decking with Anemanthele grasses. The Fuchsias have been moved out of the raging midday sun. Will ask Non-Gardening Partner to run the big whooshy irrigation tonight. The garden just dries out so much.

 Next to a Flower Carpet white rose.
Bumlbe Bee on a Dahlia

Must remember - need to dig out a little Phormium called Blondie which is struggling underneath a big yellow daisy shrub in the patio garden. Someone planted these things far too close together - guess who?

 They love the dahlias.
Bumble Bee on a Dahlia

But slightly good news - wandered into the Hump Garden and made a good decision to re-route one of the main paths. I will need to remove quite a few plants (miniature Agapanthus, roses, some perennials) - they can all go in pots of potting mix. Will do this as soon as the day temperatures cool off.