So much to do...

Absolutely all the areas of my garden need clearing and weeding and trimming. There's so much to do! I love it. And there's so much beauty around - roses, crisp green foliage, leaves just starting to change colour, lawns that need mowing. Oops. How did that sneak in?

Spent the whole weekend musicking. No gardening - rehearsing and singing in a groovy Bach Cantata with orchestra, rehearsing and playing with my Blues Band, my garden patiently waiting. My musical life is as varied as my gardening. But I'm back!

Monday - the Laundry Garden

Today I spent four hours clearing and trimming the Laundry Garden. I enlarged the stone steps and path and am now on a hunt for suitable flat stones to lay thereon. I even tidied up - for what it's worth I can now get from the laundry door to the washing line without falling into shrub prunings. Woo hoo! And the hugest pile of prunings is stashed next to my bonfire. No burning allowed as yet, though.

Wednesday - the Herb Spiral Garden

Autumn is definitely here, bringing a rather coolish start to the day. Lit the log burner this morning for the first time.

 2024 Autumn.
Herb Spiral Cleaned Up

So far so good. I've spent two hours clearing out mess from the Herb Spiral. All done. Everything trimmed, lots of weeds removed, Orlaya pulled out, seeds scattered. The Bergenias are now in morning shade (the autumn sun angles are noticeably different). Am leaving the Golden Celebration rose in place, have two others to shift out. Must remember to do this!

Thursday - the Stumpy Garden

Sat down in the Stumpy Garden (so the hips and knees won't be too talkative later in bed). Did edges, knocked sprouts off the oak stumps, weeded.

 So pretty!
Secluded Spot in the Stumpy Garden

Pulled out old Euphorbias, roses which had (oops) died, weeds etc. Was very pleased with my results. Ended up with one very full wheelbarrow of mess and a very damp bottom.

Friday 22nd March - the Dog-Path Garden

Cleaned up the edge of the Dog-Path Garden. Weeded, trimmed old lupins, and dug up some Scrophularia to divide it into pieces. They're all potted up.

Scrophularia :
Beautiful rosettes of variegated greenery over winter, then stems covered in the tiniest red flowers from summer on.

These variegated perennials are for the children's plant stall at their school fair. The labels have the name, the words 'bumble bees', and lots of hearts. Nothing more to say, really!

What a brilliant week! A different day, a different garden. Am so lucky.