What Shrubbery?

 With NGP-made furniture.
The Rustic Courtyard

If ever I needed it, I have yet more proof that Non-Gardening Partner doesn't take much notice of my garden, or ever listen properly to me. I understand that listening can be a dangerous business. He may nod and commit himself unknowingly to erecting a fence or hiring a large bulldozer. But fancy not knowing the names for the different garden areas! No wonder he can never find me.

'Come and get me from the Dog-Path Garden when you're ready to go to the nursery'. Thus I am pinpointed with GPS accuracy, but he never arrives, and then the nursery closes for the day. He reckons he didn't know where I was. Hmm...

Garden Oblivion

Here is the latest example of NGP's garden-oblivion. Would he be able to do some chain-sawing for me in the Shrubbery? 'Where?' 'In the Shrubbery'. He looks blank. 'The Shrubbery, behind the Rustic Courtyard'. 'What rustic courtyard? What shrubbery? Your garden is full of shrubs.'

I explain the location fully, enunciating oh so clearly as one would to a child. It's the sandy courtyard just up from the house, tucked in behind the little stone wall, and is surrounded by trailing blue Rosemary and pink Blush Noisette roses. The rustic wooden garden furniture that he made for me is in there.

 Two of my best friends, hee hee...
Non-Gardening Partner with Percy the Cat

Oh no! I see mild panic in his eyes, as he hears the words 'make' and 'garden furniture' in one sentence. I've lost him. Suddenly the sheep's bottoms urgently need cleaning. Hmm...


Oops. NGP, though he may be selectively garden-deaf, is the best Non-Gardening Partner in the whole world! He is logical, and capable, and works hard keeping the property in order, and helping me. And why this sudden rush of positivity?

 The Ligularias are ready to be trimmed.
NGP Mowing the Back House Lawn

Well, He did chain-saw those Pittosporums, without being critical and asking me why I wanted them gone. He took me to a garden nursery sale, wandered around in the driving rain, took an interest in the plants, and asked me which trees I liked. And he's promised to fix two of my rose archways in the orchard which are on a lean.


But there's more. Last night I heard a huge kerthump in the Wattle Woods. This morning, upon investigation, I find that one of the huge Wattle trees has fallen down, over the fence, to sprawl in the top corner of the neighbour's paddock. Non-Gardening Partner has taken this news completely in his mature-manly stride.

Fallen Wattle Tree

He's organised the friend with the super-sized chain-saw to come out and cut the tree into pieces. No problem. And he's got a tree man coming later this week to fell some dead pines and 'tidy up' two of our big gum trees. Pro-active bloke, always thinking ahead, able to solve the meanest garden problem...

Simply the Best...

The more I think about it, this man is simply the best. He mows the lawns whenever asked, and is getting much better at moving the cricketers out of the way, rather than mowing around them.

 And a beautifully mowed lawn.
The Cricketers

If I don't feel like cooking an evening meal he's perfectly happy to cook up a packet version of macaroni cheese and eat it straight out of the bowl. And he doesn't think I'm boring. And come to think of it he knows where the Pond Garden is. Oh - there's probably a good reason for that.

 Best friends.
Non-Gardening Partner and Rusty the Dog

Rusty the dog probably gets the final word. There's a cute saying which ends up on fridge magnets - 'If my dog likes you, then I like you.' And Rusty loves Non-Gardening Partner with all his dog-heart and dog-soul. Yeay!