Penelope Rose

Penelope is another of the lovely hybrid musk roses in the Moosey rose garden. She's like an old lady, sprawling sideways and wobbling quite a lot - my big rose book describes this more delicately as 'arching'.

Penelope rose has beautiful clusters of pinkish-white flowers all summer, and rose hips in autumn and winter. So she really earns her place in the garden.

A Hybrid Musk Rose Collection

When I first started researching roses to buy for the Moosey garden, I liked the sound of the hybrid musk roses. Penelope is one of these roses, bred by Pemberton in the 1920s.

 A fairly new rose in the Allotment Garden.
Penelope Roses

I thought they would make a rather nice rose collection, and I do have a few others - Autumn Delight, Moonlight, Danae, and Ballerina to name just some. They are natural roses which are happy when grown freely, without too much pruning.

 Another hybrid musk rose.
Penelope Rose

One Penelope grows in the Pergola garden, and I bought another in a rose sale for the Allotment Garden. So glad I did!