Meet Constance Spry...

 Once flowering.
Constance Spry Roses

Roses, roses, roses - climbing over archways, growing sedately surrounded by ferns. This was my original vision for the Septic Tank Garden in all its summer glory. But for various reasons many of my rose planting have failed (this has absolutely nothing to do with the septic tank itself). My best success is one of the earliest plantings - David Austin's Constance Spry.

Meet Constance Spry...

Constance Spry is a sprawling pink rose which has pride of place in the back of the Septic Tank Garden. She may only flower once, but her blooms are beautifully pink, large, and fluffy.

Her long canes reach out along the old fence which sits in the middle of the garden. The flowery effect can get a bit lost if the shrubs in front get too big and bulky.

Each year I keep the Hypericums in order, and I trimmed an offending Deutzia (which has white flowers in late spring) right down to the ground. And killed it - oops. But pink wins over yellow and white in this part of the garden!

Constance, unfortunately is getting more and more spindly as the amount of sunshine she receives decreases each year. Maybe this year will be her last? Hope not!

 A very happy pairing!
Constance Spry and Maple