Aargh! Distractions!

Aargh! Distractions like singing are over - now the gardening can commence in earnest. And the New Shredder arrives any day. How large and industrial will it be? In other words, will I break it?

 Covering the back fence with lovely flowers.
Cherry Rambler

Sunday 28th January

Today I am trialling a new gardening plan. It involves clearing one wheelbarrowful of gum tree rubbish every time I go outside to shift the hoses. Then I scuttle back inside to do house stuff. The theory is that I could get twice as much done, operating on two parallel planes. Hmm...

Normal Gardening Service is Resumed

Already I have been biking with Rusty. My B Minor Mass singing is over - we performed last night (a wonderful experience). Now normal gardening service must be resumed - why rehearsing and singing Bach should be incompatible with serious gardening I don't know. But the Moosey Garden has been badly neglected. B-Puss would take one look at the gardener in her floating wine red choir robes and run for the hills!

 My lovely white cat.
B-Puss and the Pig

Lots of new things are happening. I am slowly 'teaching' my chooks to free-range in the Hen House Gardens. It's a delight to call them - they appear running and clucking, along the Hen House path. Ha! I've got several dog-paths, now I seem to have a real hen-path!

Crepuscule :
I cannot speak highly enugh about Crepuscule. Everything about this rose is absolutely wonderful.

The rose Crepuscule is flowering again. What a beauty! The blue garden chairs are in place, and christened with their official photographs. They are very blue, and the colour makes me smile!

Monday 29th January

Yes, I am back in the garden business - well, make that garden busyness. Yesterday afternoon I diverted myself after the fourth wheelbarrow load (boring) to weed-matting another dog-path and covering it with stones from the bottom of the water race. I stood for an hour in nature's foot spa and got absolutely soaked - great for the feet!

Today my plan is to zoom around the block with Rusty, then return to the water. If I can finish this small project before lunchtime, perhaps a quiet cup of coffee on my new blue garden seats... Yippee! Hurray for my seats! They are very, very blue, very, very visible, brilliantly painted, and I love them. Back soon.

 Giant gunnera grows by Rooster Bridge.
In the Water Race

Ha! With the cleanest feet in the southern hemisphere, and the cleanest dog, I am now taking my official garden break to go swimming. I have worked my way along the water's edge, laying more weed-mat and covering it with stones. Rusty has been on guard in the water downstream, and the Moosey chooks have been free ranging in 'their' garden (the Hen House Garden) near the water. Delightful rural ambience and such good company! Nosy hens and a drenched dog.

Tuesday 30th January

Yippee! I've spent ages in the water race again, laying yet more weed-mat and scooping up yet more stones. Rusty has been on floating debris duty, and again I've had chook company. Rooster has been the nosiest, pecking and poking his way over my newly laid river stones. As long as he doesn't peck and poke at me - never trust a bird with tail feathers!

 Hee hee - beautiful colours from two totally different plants.
Am I a Pansy? Or a Flax?

What Plant Am I?

And now I am busy working on the new plant questionnaire 'What Plant Am I?' - well, I should be - while the cricket commentary is booming out. Hope I don't get the two confused. My favourite plant is still the Rhapsody in Blue rosebud. And the questionnaire is nearly finished! Yippee!

Wednesday 31st January

Aargh! The month of January is over! I'm actually not going out walking today - I have energetic plans to finish the beautification of the water race edges. I feel that I'm gardening properly for the first time in ages! And weed-matting needs to be invisible, completely covered in stones to look good...

Breaking News! - Make That Breaking Branches News!

My Christmas Shredder is here! It stands alone, gleaming, in the garage. It's about my height and width - which is a good sign that we'll get on physically, if you know what I mean! It will be test driven when the resident engineer comes home from work. How exciting! Finally I can spare the local environment my pathetic little rubbish fires. I feel terribly global and aware. Hee hee.