Rather a lot to say...

 Bright and cheerful.

Oh dear. I seem to have rather a lot to say. Is that because Non-Gardening Partner isn't here to listen to me burbling at the end of each new spring gardening day? He does listen, doesn't he?

Tuesday 2nd September

This morning I'm off to the vet with my old grey cat Stumpy, and my return journey will take me past the local nursery (hee hee). I'm going to scoop up the other two dollar Philadelphus shrubs - in fact, I thought about them all through last night's choir practice... 'A Philadelphus bloomed in Berrrrk-leeeeeey Squaaaare...'

All is reasonably right with the (financial, personal, Moosey) world when two dollars buys the shrub of your dreams. It doesn't quite measure up to the miniscule amount of money I've lent through Kiva to three fish-selling women in Tanzania, though... Hmm... I think I can do better, but that's another story...

Philadelphus :
Philadelphus shrubs are beautifully fragrant and easy to grow.

Those nursery bargain bins are just too tempting. I have plenty of room for deciduous shrubs in my new shrubbery behind the stone wall. If I plant the 'Philadelphusses' (apologies for the dodgy plural) near the courtyard seats, I'll have their fragrance to enjoy. Nice.

Much, Much Later...

Dear old Stumpy cat. She's had a 'senior feline' blood test, mainly to check her thyroid glands, before she returns to the vet for an anti-inflammatory injection. And maybe thyroid pills! I've bought her a purple sleeping fleece from the op-shop and lots of rather special gourmet cat food. Of course all the others get to share in the bounty.

 Old leaves and new spring flowers.
Spring and Autumn

My gardening has again been brilliant. I've been poking around in the driveway gardens nearer the house. I've been to the nursery. I've even found my 'yellow' bow saw - except it's now a dull shade of charcoal grey. Oops - it was in the ashes of my burning heap. However, I can't see that a bit of heat can have done it much harm. Perhaps it will be sharper...

Wednesday 3rd September

I'm having the day off to go walking in the mountains, consumer testing the use of two trekking poles. Tomorrow (see how disciplined and organised I am, thinking ahead) I will saw down another weedy driveway tree. I think (think only) these scruffy trees are species Cotoneasters. This will complete my surprise for the absent Non-Gardening Partner.


How's this for energetic garden and animal dedication? Arriving home after a four hour hike in the foothills (up to Scott's Saddle), I try out my bow saw (rescued from the burning heap). I start sawing down the monster driveway tree, with limbs as big as - tree trunks! Then I race up the road on the bicycle to exercise Rusty the dog. Then I saw a few more branches off. All this before a hot bath! Wow!

Hmm... I soon lost my sawing arm. Thinking wistfully about the ease of the chain-saw, I retired inside to soak aching legs (and arms). Tomorrow - I'll try and saw that tree down tomorrow...

Thursday 4th September

Overnight rain - this is brilliant for the freshly planted fountain grasses (Anemanthele) around the sweeping curve in the driveway. What an improvement! It's so easy to fuss around about small new things in a country garden and ignore the old pre-planted trees and shrubs, thinking they must have been sensibly chosen and located. It ain't necessarily so (to quote Gershwin). After fifteen years residency it's time I got tougher with any boring originals.

 More yellow trumpets.
Daffodils in the Rain

Blimey - no wonder I've just had to light the log-burner. It's five degrees outside. Since it's still raining, I've decided to stay happily house-bound and make some gardening plans. What else can I buy?

Friday 5th September

Aargh! Rusty, the bored-with-wet-weather dog, has found one of the cats' squeaky mouse toys. Having unsuccessfully tried to eat? it, he's now deposited it in his food bowl for later. Odd dog!

Most Valuable Pet Competition Up Again and Running

Great virtual animal news - the Most Valuable Pet Competition is 'running' properly again - finally. I have lots of catch-up points to award, particularly to Fluff-Fluff my magnificent gardening cat. Stumpy the grey cat, Sifter the ex-Moosey tabby, and dear old Taj-Dog have had their photographs featured in vet's publications in England and America - they need points for this.

The Moosey MVP :
Check out the Most Valuable Pet competition and vote for your favourite.

A keen reader (and there may only be one of you) may see sudden jumps in position on the MVP competition's bar graph - please be reassured that this is all legitimate. Now let's see - how can I get my favourite, most beautiful white cat B-Puss (at rest underneath an Eddie's White Wonder Cornus) to come first? Just joking...+5

On the real animal news front, Stumpy has to have thyroid pills. This is a good outcome to her vet's visit, though, and she should have a much better quality of late life. Stumpy is coming up to eighteen years old. Love you lots, Stumpy!

On the gardening front, as soon as I return from the gym I am jolly well going to start sawing down that other driveway tree. Time to use the Moosey arm muscles (after shoulder presses and pull downs and all those weights they should be working well). If it's still raining I'll sulk. Actually I could spread the new horse manure around and sow some more spring seeds in the glass-house. That's a better plan.

OK. I'm back. Blast. The rain has almost stopped. So this is it. A question rhetorical. Can a mere older-lady saw down a monster tree with a twelve inch bow saw (which has been inadvertently burnt to a crisp in her rubbish fire)? Well, can she? Will she? Should she?

 I thee chop down?
With This Saw...

Five Minutes Later...

Natural, amazing fact. When it's raining, trees are very wet, and shaking them even slightly causes much wetness to fall upon the shaker. Sawing creates a torrent. Blast! I got too wet too quickly. With a giggle I am admitting defeat.

 These grow in all sorts of odd places - they are almost weedy.

Yippee for the return of Non-Gardening Partner of Moosey and his trusty chain-saw, I reckon! I think I'll plant my new plants (I've got a white Daphne and two Brides) and spread the horse manure around instead.

Saturday 6th September

Wow - it's been a beautifully sunny day. My two new standard Brides (Exochordas) are in pots flanking the patio steps, my new Coprosmas and Philadelphus shrubs are planted, and I've seriously weeded the new Shrubbery. Wandering around the garden I've spied lots of new colours - tiny things like the blue-flowering Vinca, and the random patches of purple violets. Did I ever plant any of them? I don't think so...

Peace in the Garden

The afternoon light is fading, and all the Moosey cats are snoozing in their cat baskets. The garden outside is very peaceful and still. My neighbour is busy on the fence-line chipping all my tree remains - his big shredder is humming and whining, but these are good country sounds, and he is a good country neighbour.

'Happy is the gardener who is happy with her garden.'
-Moosey Words of Wisdom.

My house vases are full of daffodils - I've picked the ones whose flower faces have fallen down in the rain. There's nowhere else I'd rather be, and I just love the way my garden is starting to shape up properly for mid-spring. Happy is the gardener who is happy with her garden!