The garden's mood is changing...

 Shining in the sun.
White Iceberg Roses

My goodness the garden's mood is changing, becoming very transitional and autumnal. I'm going to finish my March by doing some good, solid, thoughtful gardening, going where-ever the mood takes me.

Saturday 31st March

In half an hour I'll have a load of compost to spread, and nine roses in pots are patiently waiting for permanent garden places. I think the white Icebergs can all go together at the very end of the Stumpy (AKA Willow Tree) Garden. That's a good idea. These roses are toughies, and so pretty.

Poor Non-Gardening Partner

Poor Non-Gardening Partner - in the car on the way to and from swimming I chattered about my garden. I'm sure he wasn't listening, so I kept popping in the words 'need' and 'chain-sawing' to grab back his attention. Ha! It worked every time. Sadly his reply was 'No chance.' Seems jolly unfair, since autumn is the time to gather pine cones and think about firewood, anyway. And now he is captive again as we drive off to the local landscape supplier to get the compost. Poor chap!

Much Later, Nearly Apres-Gardening...

NGP, being wise, has found a variety of terribly sensible things to do this afternoon, none of which has had anything to do with chain-sawing. He 'did the sheep' for ages (I suspect some newspaper reading down in the hay barn). And now, before I get a chance to 'nag' him (do I nag?) he's wisely gone off on a long bicycle ride with Rusty the dog. Mind you, he has presented me with some very snazzy in-focus photographs of Little Mac the gardening kitten.

 Little Mac is four months old now.
Kitten in the Grass

Well, I have one more short gardening session to go, and then I am allowed to write up the day's achievements properly. And since I have a whole journal page dedicated to just one day, I can be as detailed and long-winded as I like, hee hee. Love this thought!

 Name unknown.
Pink English Rose

Last Day of March

Right. I'm back. It's been a brilliant last day of March, and I've been doing circuits of the garden. A little path from in front of the glass-house has been decommissioned, so I've been moving the edging stones over to the Dog-Path Garden, to build up the stone wall at the water's edge.

There are many tasks in the circuit. I fill the wheelbarrow with burnable rubbish from underneath the hedge, and dump it on the bonfire. Then there's mulch, compost and horse manure to wheelbarrow into the Dog-Path Garden. And then more stones...

Wandering all over the garden does has its advantages. I'm seeing and appreciating all the beautiful roses, and finding new piles of mulch, quietly smouldering, which can go on the garden. The disadvantages are, naturally, rather weedy in nature. And, in general, the more I do the more I see I haven't done. If that makes sense...

 In the Dog-Path Garden.
Golden Trees in Autumn

I've never seen my late spring Lupins reflowering in autumn. Well, not until this year, when several clumps are 'at it' again. This is very exciting. And there are just a few Delphinium blooms, too.

Autumn Leaves...

Autumn leaves continue to flutter down from the deciduous trees, some of which are now bright golden yellow, and so beautiful. This seems such a warm colour for leaves that are dying...

Thank You March

March, thank you for giving me so much happiness, and not taking too much of my gardening energy. And for not being too windy. I'll let Little Mac have the last word. This clever kitten has just learnt to climb up on the kitchen stools and onto my computer keyboard.

'=[---------------//98*trerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrri' says the kitten. Love you lots, Little Mac!