No scribbling?

 Name? I have to check.
Orchard Rose

Eek! No journal scribbling for two whole days! So what have I been up to? Apart from taking photographs of the roses and going for walks around the garden with the dog, the puppy, and Fluff-Fluff the cat, that is. We four are always, always, always going for walks.

The Orchard Roses...

On Friday I had my big rose day. I tackled the 'problem' of the orchard roses, armed with the step-ladder and a plastic marvel called 'treelock'. My plan was to tie up any canes that were flip-flopping around - the big winds of last week would be to blame. I would weed underneath, and check out the irrigation drippers. Then I would have a think about the archways which were tipping over.

Of course the two dogs had a wonderful time in the orchard. They ran around, they wrestled, they sat in a heap underneath a Hazelnut tree and snoozed, while Fluff-Fluff washed himself in the shade. Meanwhile I worked my magic, and fixed everything I could.


There is no hope for Parkdirektor Riggers on his archway - it is rakishly leaning over (see the above photograph). Same problem for the cherry red rambler Chevy Chase, far too rampant for an arch, even a sturdy one made with galvanised steel pipe. He is lolling all over the grass and rambling around and over the nearest Hazelnut trees. After flowering (just once, mid-summer), all the old canes are getting the chop. Then Non-Gardening-Partner will help me to properly dig in both archways.

Red Rose on Fallen Archway

In the afternoon I planted out Echiums and Cornflowers around the Herb Spiral. I wish these flowery replacements for the little blue forget-me-nots could be instantly colourful. Echiums are beautifully blue (some consider them a bit weedy) and the bees adore them.

More Forget-Me-Nots...

On Saturday the dogs and I pulled out more forget-me-nots. By now I had progressed from the purely cosmetic (clearing the highly visible edges of borders) to the deep-garden-conscious, which meant pulling them out from the interior of the least visited and roughest garden areas. But I do have a thorough streak, and I find the old plants soak up water and block the sunshine. My mass planting of Agapanthus on the corner of the Frisbee Lawn will thank me, and maybe flower. Maybe?

Island Bed with Forget-Me-Nots

Today is Sunday and I'm having a lunch-break inside. The dogs are fed and are snoozing on chairs, the hoses are on, and I am covered in biddi-bids. I've removed three more barrowfuls of the pretty little blue plants. I've also attacked the rogue purple potatoes in one of the Allotment Gardens. My spare peonies are supposed to be growing big and strong in here, but I found them completely swamped by vigorous spud foliage. The potatoes are deep down (I know this because I've pulled up huge lengths of spud-less roots. Oops.

 When did I plant them all here? Oops.
Irises by the Herb Spiral

Question - have I finally found the perfect spot for irises? They seem to struggle in some places in my garden, but a patch next to the Herb Spiral is growing so well. Beautifully, in fact, and I cannot for the life of me remember planting any of them there. Hmm...

+10I must give Minimus the cottage cat a gentle pat on her furry back. Last night the possum arrived and proceeded to make ghastly zombie gargling noises. Such a rude, loud sound to be woken up with, so I opened the door ready to monster-roar back and swing the broom at it. But there was no need - young Minimus zoomed out and chased it away over the grass. Nice one, Minimus!

 My grey cottage cat.
Clever Minimus

Right. I need to get back to work. Shift the hoses, pull out some more forget-me-nots, plant some more annuals. Gardening life is easy today, and there are little if no choices.


Aha! I do have choices. I choose to throw away my brand new pink gardening socks, which are synthetic, and so make the forget-me-nots sticky biddi-bids from the forget-me-nots one thousand times more sticky. I've worn these darling socks for two days, and there is no pink showing any more.

This afternoon I carted eight loads of old forget-me-nots to my dumping place. Choosing to ignore my friend's advice as to the unsuitability of using old forget-me-nots as mulch, I tipped another load over a small garden area in the Wattle Woods. Hee hee. Incorrigible!

November's roses are looking lovely, and I have masses of photographs to show you. Some roses are blooming properly for the first time this year (wish I could take the credit). A yellow rugosa I've puzzled about for years is possibly Topaz Jewel. Another cherry red, which I think is a rugosa, remains unknown, identification pending. Enjoy. I definitely do! I love the beginning of the rose season.