So beautiful

Spring, I'm singing a song for you. 'You.... Are.... So.... Beautiful....' So beautiful. The birds are exuberantly tweeting, swooping from tree to tree. I sit with the dogs outside on the patio and just feel so blessed. I wouldn't swap these moments for money, or travel, or anything else in the big wide world. Mind you, money could be usefully channelled into an under-gardener or a weeder...

New things 'spring' up each day. Now the Clematis montana is flowering. The big cherry trees in the Pond Paddock are blossoming. The red rhododendron in the Dog-Path Garden is blooming. Several more rhododendrons down the drive are ready to go. So is Canary Bird, the pretty yellow species rose.

 An older, mature dog!
Rusty the Dog

Saturday 11th October

I've had a slow, bitsy gardening day, with no chance to get too bored. A little bit of this and that is actually pretty sensible in mid-spring. Particularly when one is gardening with a young puppy in tow.

Puppies enjoy changes of activity. And Winnie has had a good, varied, outdoors day, thought I think she 'met' young Minimus my cottage cat underneath the cottage. A low rumbling growl, a loud hissy-spit explosion, and the poor puppy came hurtling out onto the lawn like a rocket. Oops.

Good Dog Rusty

Rusty the older dog is getting more patient with her, too. He's mellowing, shall we say...

The hoses have been on again, and by now the Hen-House Garden should be well watered, as should be the rhododendrons and roses in the Stumpy (AKA Willow Tree) Garden. Tomorrow I must move the hoses further afield. So what have I done today? I finished up with an hour's serious digging down the boundary. But tell you what - I don't seem to have many words pouring out. I'm happy, and physically tired, but my head is in performance preparation for piano playing tonight.

 Flowering in the Wattle Woods.
Spiky Red Camellia

So it would be a nice idea to go get my clean sheets off the line now - right now - and make my bed, hours before I need it. Then run a bath, and think about rationing the quavers in 'Time in a Bottle'. Simple is better. And I can talk enthusiastically about the garden tomorrow.

 Name unknown, in the Wattle Woods.
Late Pink Camellia

Sunday 12th October

Aha! I'm back. My concert went really well. My accompaniment for 'Time in a Bottle' was delicately minimal! Already I've had breakfast on the patio, honoured with big Fluff-Fluff's close, purring presence while the dogs scrapped below.

Cats Are Lucky...

Cats are lucky. When the ground gets too busy they jump up to a more peaceful level. And such a beautifully reflective breakfast spot - apart from removing Tiger the cat twice from the big strawberry pot (I know exactly what you're up to, rude Tiger).

The house Crab-Apple is now blossoming, as is the very first rose, Canary Bird. The late Camellias are glowering - no, no, no! I mean 'flowering'! That's a terrible mistake to make!

Puppy Plans

Today's plans revolve around the puppy again. When she's having a sleep in her dog motel I'll try and finish the boundary garden. This morning I took (dragged?) Non-Gardening Partner down there to admire my efforts. The puppy immediately popped through the front fence and ran out onto the road. Aargh! I also have a lot of planting to do, and my glasshouse work is pretty much in full swing. And photographs! Photographs! Photographs! Time to get started.

 Growing fast!
Winnie the Puppy

Much Later...

Now I have another concert to perform in, and it's time to get ready. Oh boy! The silly singing season has come early this year. I've been working really hard in the garden, flitting here, there, and everywhere. The deciduous Azaleas in the Driveway are having their watering turn, as are more of the rhododendrons in the Stumpy Garden.

Noisy Birds...

Today the sun seems really hot, and the birds are extra-noisy. My boy bellbirds, in particular, have been echo-battling in a serious whistling competition. Showing off for the ladies, perhaps? Hmm... Good luck, you beautiful birds. May your nests be robust and wind-proof enough to keep your eggs safe.

Tuesday 14th October

Oops. I've had two slow days at home with the dogs. We've been walking around the garden, I've been shifting hoses, and taking photographs.

I Love Having Two Dogs

I love having two dogs. I have never really had two dogs before - well, not two active dogs who do things together. Rusty is learning to play with Winnie the puppy, and they roll around in the grass and do their own version of dog-wrestling. The spring garden provides the most wonderful backdrop to their antics!