A good spring...

So spring chugs on through October, hot days followed by cool days, a smattering of roses, the later cherry blossom just beginning to flutter down, the ferns uncurling their fresh new fronds. Soon the mid-season rhododendrons will be in full flower.

The swathes of blue forget-me-nots in the lawns (Non-Gardening Partner avoids them when he's mowing) have never looked so beautiful. And they're filling up most of the garden borders, hee hee.

A good spring for the Forget-Me-Nots...

It's been a good spring - for the forget-me-nots. I know this has absolutely nothing to do with the nurturing talents of the gardener, and all to do with the spring rains. Though the gardener's attitude (let the little darlings grow where ever they want) obviously helps.

 And forget-me-nots!
Pond Cottage and Blossom

These spring mornings sprinklings of icing sugar and marshmallow are visible from all the house windows - distant Cornus trees covered in white bracts, Mexican Orange Blossoms (one of my go-to shrubs) flowering everywhere, scatterings of pink Campion, pale pink rhododendrons. Oh, is that a weed as well? Too bad! The spring blossom from the flowering cherry trees in the pond Paddock is almost finished. Just beautiful.

A cold!

Slightly sadly, I've caught a cold, which has kept me company (rather heavily) all week. One tries to sulk and snooze in bed, but really! It's only a cold. And my dogs have completely different attitudes. Pebbles curls up by my feet, reassuring and still, while Winnie leaps onto my shoulders ever half hour to lick my face. Am I still alive? Wake up!

Anyway, I've enjoyed (not quite the word) some minor gardening forays, including a huge coughing and weeding session along the edge of the Hump. One afternoon I even cranked up the bonfire. Four barrow loads of hedge trimmings (and more chunks of Alkanet) went 'up' in smoky flames. I've also enjoyed three detective library books (Ann Cleeves is rather good), and two boxes of tissues. And survived taking two evening choir rehearsals where I danced about madly (obviously keeping my distance) and amazed even myself with my vocal energy. I've spent one afternoon in the shearing shed (acquiring lovely lanolin hands) and the next morning minding my friend's oriental antiques shop (I tarted up for this, and hid my box of tissues discretely).

 Pebs for short.
Hello Pebbles

For someone with a heavy head cold I haven't had too bad a week, really! Hopefully I've kept it to myself. And my garden and dogs, like supportive friends, have been so amazing. Every day something new - from the garden, that is. And the dogs, Winnie and Pebbles, always keeping an eye on me, running over whenever I sneeze - Mother! Are you all right? Throw the ball! Throw the stick! That will make you feel better!