Aargh! A rather wintry storm is forecast. 'Snow lowering to' is the catch phrase here. So I should spend this afternoon (still mild) spreading horse manure and planting my pots, right? Right!

Smoke Vs Rose...

A small moment I hope I always remember : I was autumn bonfiring yesterday, smoke swooping too near my nose, then suddenly sensed a waft of the deep pink rose Lady of Megginch. Wow! Soooooo fragrant.

 A beautiful rose.
Lady of Megginch Rose

I buried my face in a cluster of her rose blooms. Aaaa! Much better.

 Grandiflora - and wet!

The Rake's Progress...

One of the lengthier garden tasks I'd love to forget is the autumn garden maintenance. Aargh! Now I remember. It's garden rake time! My garden rake will become my constant companion. My upper arms will get strong with the exercise, as I rake every lawn, every border. And then, a week later, it will need raking all over again.

And I must remember to plant pots of daffodils for the cottage now. Not next week, and certainly not next month. Now, now, now, so they will be in bloom in five months time.

Tuesday 9th April

Aha! 'A significant winter storm event' is today's weather phrase, reminding me to get out the merino thermals, and bring in pine cones and logs for the wood burner. And reminding gardeners (like me) not to complain, but to stay cosy inside, knowing that the horse manure has been spread (well, almost all of it), and the lawns have been mowed (well, almost all of them), and lots of autumn garden maintenance done (well, sort of lots).

But it would be nice to enjoy proper autumn before winter is officially welcomed in. And unseasonal March heat has confused some of my rhododendrons and azaleas, dear things.

Wednesday 10th April

Brr... Welcome to more rain, cold winds, a few slashes of sleet, and even some rude thunder, barked off by the dogs. So far this chilly morning we have been for three brisk walks around the orchard, and thrown the frisbees (erratically sailing oh so close to the big conifer) three times. A few photographs taken, camera tucked away safely underneath the Goretex. Miss a lot of garden detail, though, hood of rain jacket flopping down over eyes.

 Over the water race.
Wet Autumn Gardens

Things to be thankful for. Layers of merino (Yeay). Waterproof boots. Dogs (who are weatherproof). Dogwoods (wonderful autumn trees). Firewood (from the property). A cosy house (thanks to the log burner). Power (still on - must boil the jug for a cup of tea).

Not so nice - a furious thunderstorm overhead. But no trees down, no floods, just plopping rain, puddles, and flopped down dahlias. Pretty insignificant, as far as the garden goes.