Dogs and Roses...

Have been busy telling my dogs how lucky and blessed we all are, because the roses are flowering, filling our hearts with joy. Lots of roses - the big white rambler on the fence-line, the modest shrubs in the Hump garden. The rough and tumble climbers, the delicate trio of Ballerinas by the pond...

 By the pond.
Ballerina Roses

My dogs aren't instinctively interested in roses, but if they pretend to listen (heads to one side, intelligent looks on faces) we might get to walk around the garden again. A dog's life is simple.

 On the fence-line in the Allotment Garden.
Roses Rambling Rector and Cornelia

Especially when the gardener keeps forgetting her camera - because (of course) that makes our walks longer, as we detour back to the house. Trouble is, then the gardener keeps stopping to peer into the greenery, muttering about how beautiful the garden looks.

 Waiting, waiting...
Dogs on the Lawn

There is, of course, such a thing as a dog rose. I don't grow any, but it's a very pretty rose, I tell Winnie and Pebbles. They both turn their heads to the other side, looks of deep concentration in their eyes, oozing collie-dog intelligence. Another walk? Another walk?

OK. Off we go again for yet another walk, to find yet more roses to take pictures of. Dogs and roses - two of the loveliest things in my life.