A David Austin, once flowering.
Constance Spry Rose

It's been a pink week. The pink roses in my garden are so pretty. But there's more pink in my house - a huge roll of pink chiffon material, waiting to be cut up into floating stage costumes for my Silver Swans ballet class.

Ballet costumes...

It's been rather wet-drizzly, so I've stayed inside to do some cutting and sewing. Oh yes! My Silver Swans ballet class is performing in an end-of-year ballet recital, and I have volunteered to be the wardrobe mistress. What a hoot! I wonder if I could get Non-Gardening Partner to come? One of my Fred cats is fascinated with the pink chiffon material, and he keeps leaping onto it, trying to burrow himself underneath. Silly cat! Pink is obviously the perfect ballet colour, but cutting out twenty plus pink chiffon outfits, all of the same pinkness, is a bit mind-numbing. Haven't started sewing them yet.

I really enjoy the different pinks in my garden, and the roses do pink particularly well. There are so many subtly different shades. And a pink rose in the sunshine looks completely different again. Clair Matin is interesting - her pinkness has a creamy-yellow in my photographs. New Dawn is so pale and cool she sometimes looks quite colourless - yet I know she's pink. Possibly the clearest, simplest pink rose in my garden is Zepherine Drouhan. She's stunning.

OK. One more walk with my dogs (and whichever cat decides to join us), then who knows? I might manage a spot more photography in the drizzle.

 Hidden in the garden!
Blue Clematis

A Wee bit later...

Look for one thing, find two others! We went to say hello to Monsieur Tillier, a rose who should be flowering about now. I remember him being the oddest of colours, and I'd given him a kindly prune early this spring. Well, we found him sulking, not a bloom to be seen. Gratitude?

But we did find one blue clematis flower, lurking at ground level (this clematis never seems to get off the ground), and, deep in the Hump, a flowering rhododendron which had been planted therein two years ago, and been given up for dead. Oh no. He's definitely not dead! He's the colours of a fruit salad. Yum!

Totally random finding these two beauties, but it really makes me smile. The more plants one has the more one loses touch with them, perhaps? And so nice to find some non-pink surprises.

 Wow! What a beautiful colour. Name unknown.
Hump Garden Rhododendron