Watering and weeding

Watering and weeding. Weeding and Watering. Pulling out more old forget-me-nots, bucketing water on the spotty Ligularias. Shifting the hoses along the Pittosporums. A screen of trees has to be able to keep on screening, right? Throwing sticks in the pond for the dogs, talking to the cats, then bucketing more water into the pots of Cannas by the cottage. And onto the Lupins, the lime green Acanthus, and the moss roses (Henri Martins) in the nearby garden. Being nice to the bits of my garden not reached by the big whooshy irrigation. And being nice to the dogs, of course - throwing their sticks into the pond again. And yes, we will go for another (yet another) walk.

 Two dogs, one Fred cat.
Walking in the orchard

Crikey, those Fred cats are funny. They take turns accompanying the dogs (and me) around the orchard. The Cat de Jour insists on being carried in my arms like a furry baby. If I don't pick him up, he climbs up my leg. If I see this happening in time and remove said leg, he launches himself at me. A flying cat! Eek!

A dry spring...

This spring has been unusually dry, and the hot summery temperatures mean watering and more watering. OK, I know that my 'style' of gardening relies on irrigation. If our climate continues to go silly I'll have to change things? Am blessed to have water - a large irrigation pond, clean water running through the property.

 Book Club!
Gnomes on the Reading Stump

My pond - I love it! The white lilies are blooming now, and the gnomes are settled, enjoying their various activities. Gnome Book Club (held on a large tree stump) is going really well. The dogs have ensured that my pond is duck free (much safer that way). But Buster the black house cat always takes a careful stroll around the pond path first thing each morning. I'm usually sipping my first cup of tea with Minimus my cottage cat, who glowers at the interloper. Share the pond, Minimus!

I'm loving the flower colours in my garden - beautiful big bearded Irises. And the fragrant Philadelphus - such a pleasure to walk past it to the clothes line. The new lavender shrubs in the Laundry Garden are growing well. Yes, I can affirm that buying in fresh new Lavenders IS worth it. Such a pretty purple. The rhododendrons are still looking great, and I haven't even mentioned the roses.

Today is another warm day. I've done my studio Silver Swans ballet class, walked my dogs (carrying a super-heavy Fred cat), and put my hoses on. The screening Pittosporums are getting another good soaking - their leaves look smaller when they're water-stressed. Never-the-less, Pittosporums are tough. And do you know what? Now I'm going to sit on the shade and read one of my library books. I am allowed. Why not?

 Lovely cat!
Fred in a Tree

Oops. Fell asleep in a chair, woken by a dog lick and an attentive bumble bee. We've shifted the hoses, watered the remaining seedlings in the glasshouse, and walked around the orchard again (fending off a leaping Fred cat). A lazy day, but a lovely one.