What plans?

 By the house.
Pebbles and New Dawn roses

'So what are your plans for the garden this month?' A question that one of my relatives often politely asks me, and one which I can never answer properly. Because my plans for the garden tend to swirl around for ages in my head, unformed, nebulous. What plans?

Then suddenly one day a bright, shining idea will arrive and immediately be put into practice. At such times I can hardly keep up with myself. Wow - what an interesting, unpredictable gardening life I lead. Sometimes I think I'm deliberately being random. But at least random isn't boring...

I'm not a completely hopeless, reactive gardener, though. OK, so I might be late pruning or spraying the roses (if I spray them at all). I do have a reasonable idea of what I should do each month. Aha! But do the right things actually get done, or not?

So November is now moving smoothly into December, and in my garden that means summer, roses, flowering annuals, and hot dogs. I mean real hot dogs - two black and white border collies, who enjoy leaping into the pond or the water race to cool off. It means weeding and watering. It means more weeding and watering. Many days are hot with a dry wind, so moisture is easily lost from the earth.

 Edged with Lupins and Phormiums.
Looking Over the Water race

And did I mention that it means more and more roses? Oh yes. I love the roses. In the garden, picked for the house vases, spent rose petals scattered on the soil as mulch...

It's not the best time to shift plants, but I'm bound to do a bit of that. I've seen a couple of old fashioned roses that could do with relocating. Oops. Actually, I've had more successes than failures - though digging out a friend's unwanted ornamental weeping Maple two weeks before mid-summer's day last year didn't work. I'm glad I tried, though. Don't like to see good plants wasted.

Upcoming gardening and non-gardening events...

Life is filled up with music, friends, the cats and the dogs, Non-Gardening Partner, and my garden. Nice!