Is it a weed?

My garden is a thoughtful place in which to be in autumn, when sun, wind, and/or rain aren't too fiercely distracting. It's a measured time, giving rise to many old familiar questions. For example : do I consider Periwinkle a weed?

I've spent all afternoon weeding in the Hump Garden, and have now reached the swathes of Periwinkle. So do I consider Periwinkle a weed? I need to ponder this deeply. If it is a weed, then I try (ha ha) to dig it all out. If it is desirable, I let it be. If it falls between the two, then I construct a periwinkle barrier. That-a-way, Vinca minor wilderness, pretty blue flowers. This-a-way, controlled, mulched, periwinkle-free garden.

A periwinkle barrier?

Sounds like a perfectly good compromise, yes? But have you ever known periwinkle to respect any sort of barrier? Hmm...

 Barking mad today!

Friday 3rd April

It's Barking Friday, and I'm about to bark (i.e. play Bach) alone. Am very sad - Winnie has re-injured her back leg. So we're back where we were three weeks ago, and she is again totally under house arrest. Blast! Have been trying so hard to be vigilant and stop any running or bouncing.


OK. Have done my piano practice. Why does it take me half an hour to play Albeniz' El Abaicin? Aargh! So I am a little slow, and I do keep correcting things, but I am trying my very best to think and hear ahead. It's only in five flats... Humph.

Now am off with Pebbles my younger dog for the second orchard walk of the day. She is on the retractable lead - enough said. Am sad-cross about both my dogs at the moment. Then I see a furry amalgamation of striped limbs of the Fred cats, snoozing on the dog couch. Awwwww.

 The common name is periwinkle.


Have done a bit of good gardening. Building a periwinkle barrier fence is not as easy in practice as it is in theory. Same as Albeniz' piano music. Blast! So I've laid a log edge instead. Now I'm thinking about planting some Phormiums in here. And perhaps, just over the log barrier, erecting a rustic looking sign - Periwinkle Wilderness.

Evocative? Depends on your point of view, doesn't it. According to Wikipedia, Periwinkle can be described as a useful ground cover, as well as a very difficult weed to get rid of.

Weedbusters web-site...

But the fact that a Google search in New Zealand puts the website at the top of the list just might give the game away. Oops. But remember that blue and green are my two favourite colours...