On the cat walk...

 Not the most flattering of poses!
Buster the Cat

Buster the cat and I often go for garden walks. But Buster never accompanies me properly, making herself available for chin-tickles or pats. Rather, she alternates between lurking in the greenery, or sneaking in behind, just out of sight.

Talking to the roses...

Having a conversation with Buster on a walk feels like I'm talking to the dahlias and roses. Then she'll suddenly pop out, dance over the lawn, and disappear into another garden. Silly cat!

For this morning's walk Buster and I went up the driveway and then wiggled our way through the new Hump Gardens. I love walking along the paths in this garden. It's always very flowery. I saw my day's work unfolding before my eyes : weeding and trimming dahlias in the sunshine. They've nearly finished flowering (and lots have mildew, not normally seen in my garden).

The dahlias are certainly hanging on in bloom. I usually get my first frost by the end of April. And then the dahlias are cut down overnight, so to speak. Oh my goodness - that's almost now! Where has the time gone?

 A very sneaky cat!
Buster in the Driveway

Took some photographs of the autumn colours in shrubs and trees in the Hump and the Driveway gardens. So beautiful. I promise never, ever to take autumn colour for granted. I love the autumn leaves, even when I'm raking them off the lawns. Oh. That reminds me - the Pond Paddock is thick with oak leaves again...

 Wonderful autumn colours in the Island Bed shrubs and trees.
Autumn on the Driveway Lawn

Later, lunchtime...

Have decided to shift all the big pinks and the single magentas into one area, the reds and sunset colours into another. Have tied little pieces of appropriately coloured wool around stalks still flowering.

Monarch butterflies and bumble bees are back out cruising in the sunshine. How lovely.

Tiger the Tortoiseshell :
Tiger left us nearly a year ago.

A reflective moment : I've finally uncovered Tiger the cat's grave, complete with Polyanthus circle and sentinel pukeko. Hello, my lovely old cat. Thank you for giving back to the garden by happily composting down there (a pink dahlia close by has the hugest stalks, hmm...)

 Leaves almost orange in colour.
Cotinus Tree

Much later...

I have worked so hard. I've dug out rogue pieces of Lamium, trimmed dahlias, and swapped them according to my colour co-ordinating plan. I've pulled out the cherry tomatoes and collected dried bean pods for next year's beans. I've made room for the big pink dahlias, when that first frost spoils their flowers.

Uncovered a random vigorous rambling rose near Tiger's grave - ouch! Pruned it madly and dug it out. It needs to be on a fence-line, not in the middle of a garden bed.

Tuesday 28th April

Yeay! Exciting news. My friend has dropped off fifteen bags of horse manure - I have already spread most of it in the Hump Garden. Now I am off for a drive in my car. Will I remember how to drive? Or, more importantly, will my car start?

Finally I am getting my flu injection (in the car park by the doctor's surgery as well as picking up potting mix from the landscaper (open for contactless business). This is a terribly exciting moment. Life is slightly more normal when one can buy potting mix. I'm also getting some bags of Rooster Booster (I liked the name)...


Yes! I can still drive. My car still goes. I'm back, fully jabbed, potting-mixed, and rooster-boostered.