Love my pond...

I love my pond. It's a goodly size, taking me one hundred paces to get right around. I've been clearing the path and trimming the ferns around the far edge, using Non-Gardening Partner's secateurs and the kitchen bread knife. Hope I don't fall in the water...

 Looking over to the Decking and the Pond Paddock.
My Pond

Today I've sliced and nipped for three hours around the water's edge, surrounded by mumbling gnomes and chattering fantails. It's been wet and muddy work, a bit like crawling around a commando obstacle course. Lots of fun.

Robinson Gnome

Missing gnomes found!

I found and rescued Bob the missing gnome - he'd fallen into the pond. Oops. Luckily Bob is a 'floater' - that is, he's hollow.

And I found Robinson (my original pipe smoking gnome) totally covered in old fern leaves. Oops again. Robinson has been AWOL for years, and even missed out on the last clothes painting session. Welcome back, Rob. Looking a bit shabby there...

I've also started widening the pond path around the narrowest corner, lessening the danger of slip-sliding into the water. I've rebuilt the little stone wall, and now I need to dig out the Phormium Cream Wave, which is too close to the path.

Sunday 26th April

Aha! I have more pond work to do. Agapanthus needs to be removed and possibly replaced with Renga Renga (the native Rock lily which seems to grow anywhere). The rest of the path needs widening and leveling.


Lockdown rules relax in a couple of days, but I'm not changing anything. Just last night I finished my 2,800 piece Lockdown Jigsaw. It's taken over four weeks. Would you believe 2,799 pieces? Knew I shouldn't have vacuumed the house...

 To show you how big it is.
Lockdown Jigsaw with Teaspoon


Oh boy, what a great day I've had. The pond path is finished, I've dug out the large Agapanthus and replanted it behind the cottage, and lifted out and divided ten clumps of miniature Agapanthus. Oh boy!

 Widened, the stone wall rebuilt.
The Pond Path

Where oh where will I plant all the pieces? Have put a few in with the new Camellias near the cottage - at least they'll get sun here.

 My little grey cottage cat.

Furry and feathery company...

As well as the gnomes, I've had furry and feathery company. A rather tame blackbird has been following me along the path (apparently I've been uncovering tasty grubs), while the usual fantails have been swooping around my hands and chattering.

Occasionally Minimus my cottage cat has sneaked into the picture to chance her paw - luckily not catching anything.

Mid-afternoon a pair of male pheasants landed together close to my path, trailing their beautiful tail feathers. A Boy's Own conference? A father and son chat? Aargh! We all got a bit of a fright (Minimus and the blackbird included). The pheasants shrieked and flew clumsily off over the pond, gaining altitude ever so slowly.