Early autumn

Ha! Nothing like a leisurely walk with the camera to inspire a gardener. Subtle beauty in the early autumn leaf colours, not so subtle messiness in the borders. So I should be writing a list of needy garden areas, all demanding my attention? No way! I'd much rather enjoy the photographs. Lovely, lovely early autumn in my lovely garden. Ignore the mess.

Deciduous tree colours complement the late flowering roses. Leaf fall has already started, but the monarch butterflies and bees are still busy dancing over the dahlia flowers. Dull gold or bright gold - it's still gold!

The best way to appreciate early autumn colour is to wander around aimlessly and alone. Not trying to discipline a badly mannered dog, or trundling a heavily laden wheelbarrow, or suited up ready to do weed battle. Early autumn requires timeless gliding - no problems, no lists, no outside world distractions. Just thinking simple thoughts about the wonders of nature, letting the subdued beauty of autumn wash over.