Some proper winter gardening...

 And filled with compost.
The Hump Garden Re-Planted

Aha! I have done some proper winter gardening. Not so much, but some is better than none. And not just raking leaves, either (though there has been some of that). Today I've been planting! Yeay! It's drizzly but not too cold - yet.

Home-Made Compost...

So far I've spread compost (home-made!) in the Hump Garden and planted miniature Agapanthus along the lawn edge. Roses which I'd had to shift out have gone back in sensible positions - including two rather large Cecile Brunner shrubs (not the climbing version). I've moved more dahlias around, and planted clumps of Muscari in the gaps.

I have plans for a second, more muddy session, weeding (both sitting and kneeling) along the Allotment Garden. And possibly spreading horse manure. I'll have the log-burner going ready for my return, plus some clean dry clothes. Ah - there's nothing like mud-gardening in winter. I might even wash my hair - something girlie to look forward to.

 Well rotted, just a wee bit weedy...
More Horse Manure

Right. First I put Pebbles my younger dog in the car and take Winnie (my recovering dog) for a walk around the orchard. Why the car? Better safe than sorry, that's all I can say...

Two Hours Later...

Hee hee. I lasted quite well, getting wetter and muddier - and colder. I removed a lot of weeds, spread compost around, and generally enjoyed myself. Just a tiny issue : there I was, lying on my tummy in the soil, carefully pulling out grass clumps from the base of the Rambling Rector, when my neighbour walked past on her driveway.

 The big rambling roses spread along the fence-line.
Phormium in the Allotment Garden

There are some things one simply does not wish to explain, so I lay as still as possible. Phew! I was unseen!

 I can see this from the house.
Liquidambar Tree

The importance of shelter...

When one gardens in winter rain, one thinks deep thoughts about the importance, psychologically, of a warm shower, dry clothes, and shelter. Shelter is an amazing thing to look forward to.

Next-door Goats

Four goats have been tethered for days now in the neighbour's paddock, without any shelter. I thought that goats needed little houses in winter. If that pesky neighbour had seen me sprawled on the wet soil and said anything, I was ready to go on the goat offensive, hee hee.

Goat rules...

Yes, tethered goats should have shelters. I was right. I checked the rules. Righteous, me...

Friday 5th June

Fact : I always feel good at the end of the day if I've done some gardening. I feel proud, and happy, and pleased with life. Today I'm feeling great! I've been busy - first, a long morning session raking leaves on the Pond Paddock and squashing them into bags. Then I spent a couple of cold hours in the afternoon finishing the Allotment Garden weeding. Didn't get busted lying in the soil, phew.

 The Pond Paddock and Pond Cottage
Piles of Leaves

And in between, I've been dog walking. Winnie's vet is pleased with her recovery and wants her to have more, slightly longer walks. That's great news.

Barking Friday

It is Barking Friday, so as soon as I've checked my photographs I'm off to the piano to practice Bach. Non-Gardening Partner has promised to play some violin and piano sonatas after the evening meal. Oops. It's dark, better get practicing - and cooking.