Employee workflow...

 Such a rich colour.
Westerland Roses

Website ads definitely match website content. Each time I check-in the Moosey site I am encouraged to drive optimisation and efficiency with employee workflow. Obviously my journal has been overflowing with tales of non-productivity. Yes, it's true - I have been getting behind in my work. I know!

In my hands...

Hmm. But, being the sole employee, the workflow is totally in my hands. And fingers (they get a bit achy pulling out weeds and using the secateurs). And legs and knees, I guess. And most of all in the mind.

Yesterday I worked hard for nearly three hours - not one of my longest days, but never-the-less I achieved things. I weeded and trimmed behind the Stables, where a large Bamboo (which is supposed to be non-invasive) grows. And thrives, and makes its intentions quite clear, hee hee. Golly, I love a plant with an independent attitude.

Today I am staying home (I have to - my car battery is recharging) to practice some efficient employee workflow. Thought - if I get too hot I could stand in the water race and weed the banks...

 The water is just below my knees.
Plants by the Water Race

But firstly I will organise the stone edge of the Stables Garden. Then - the Hump Garden. Aargh! The Hump Garden is so overflowing with green growth that I've been a bit scared to go back in there. But I will be brave. Yes!


Spent a couple of hours crawling along one of the Hump garden paths, weeding and scooping up mess, followed by my friendly hopping blackbird. Am inside for a coffee and Christmas cake.

 Struggling in the summer heat.
Very Late Rhododendron

On one of our dog walks I remembered to take photographs of the two ridiculously late flowering rhododendrons, names unknown. It's the silliest time for them to be trying to bloom. I watered underneath the brick red one for four hours yesterday.

 See the shiny blue leaves...
Very Late Rhododendron

Not Rhododendron ponticum?

The beautiful blue with the glossy green leaves is less exposed - it's one of the edge shrubs for my little secret lawn by the water race. It can't be Rhododendron ponticum because it hasn't invaded (yet) anything via suckers or seeds. It's always modestly covered in lilac-blue blooms, and some years one or two will last until Christmas Day.

What do I feel like doing?

So what do I feel like doing now? More of the Hump Garden, I think, though my sore little finger is more achy than at the start of the day. And the sun has finally broken through the cloud-cover, so it's hot, hot.

Must turn on my little hoses and poke them into the Allotment Garden (which the big irrigation doesn't reach). Must remember to do this every day, help those plants survive and thrive. The Graham Thomas roses in the Allotment Garden are flowering now - they seem to be rather late to start.

 On one of our many garden walks.
Winnie in the Ferns

Two hours later...

Too hot. Far too hot. Have taken the dogs for two walks, and thrown sticks in the pond for them to cool off.

In the Hump Garden have dug out huge self-sown Euphorbias and shifted the path so there's room for Rosa Woodsii, which is spreading far and wide. Beautiful hips in autumn, so am loathe to trim any of its branches. Hard, physical work, though - heaving and pulling out swathes of forget-me-nots, and swinging that shovel. Silly finger is aching even more. I refuse to let it stop me.

Later, the end of the day...

Wow! Yippee for me, I say! I have removed two more heavy barrowfuls, dug out more Campion, pulled out more forget-me-nots. I have worked so hard. Hopefully this journal page will generate different ads - some with the emphasis on gardening rewards would be nice. Yes! Rewards!