Things I love most of all about being in my summer garden : the water features (a water race and a large irrigation pond). And the clean, running water which fills both. Clean enough to drink, and swim in (when summer gardening gets too hot).

Monday 14th December

This morning I've been standing in the water race weeding the banks and trimming Phormium leaves. The water is cool, clear, and refreshing for the gardening feet. Have been working down near Duck Lawn, where I planted some clumps of Japanese Irises last winter. Already I've seen one flowering bright yellow. They'll be much happier here in full sun.

 By the water race, in full sun.
New Spot for Irises

The Gunnera leaves are getting bigger every week, and the spinky stems make travel down the water race rather interesting. Ouch!

 Very happy gnomes. The water lily is not so happy (very little sun).
Fishing Gnomes by the Pond

The pond is gorgeous in summer. The gnomes enjoy their fishing, the dogs swim in it to fetch their sticks, and yesterday Non-Gardening Partner had to dive in under the water to fix something on the pipe intake. He immersed himself really slowly, shivering, while I mercilessly took photographs.

 Non-Gardening Partner about to dive under.
Man in Pond

The dogs took no notice of him - I expected them to want to investigate. No - unless it's a flying stick or a zooming tennis ball (or a duckling), it's simply not interesting enough. The pond water is a bit cold for me - I haven't been in there yet for a swim.

Schubert and Hindemith

Now I plan to do some piano practice (am sloshing through some Schubert for sight-reading, and trying to create beauty with Hindemith's piano sonatas). Then, when the sun's a little less fierce, I'll go back outside.

Much later...

Went back in the water race and weeded from Middle Bridge to the Willow Bridge. Didn't get every weed out (ha ha), but meandering up a water course is a great way to spend a sunny afternoon.

 Waiting for me to throw her stick into the water.
Winnie and the Gnomes