Giving thanks for shelter and warmth - for the firewood we produce on our property, for my house which is warm and well insulated. And for Pond Cottage, my lovely shed-with-a-bed, in which I spend many a cosy winter evening.

 Surrounded by Phormiums and Cordylines.
Pond Cottage in WInter

Giving thanks for the Fred cats, who understand that smooching their mother (me) and sitting on her lap are both really nice and friendly things to do. And so much an important part of being a cat.

 By the glass-house, name unknown.
Early Camellia

Speckles is random...

Not so Speckles the stray cat, who is becoming more and more random in his visits. If I was a stray cat, and this nice older lady sweet-talked me with bowls of yummy food, I'd make the effort to turn up every night, so as not to disappoint her. Particularly when it's winter-cold and wet - and she might worry. I wouldn't go AWOL for four nights, then turn up and hiss rudely at her. Oh well. His choice. I know I'm nice to cats.

Also giving thanks for my dogs who are such great, uncomplicated company in wet weather, and always up for a soggy walk around the orchard. And another walk. And then a walk around the Driveway. They, of course, are au naturel, while I'm all gumbooted, merinoed, and Goretexed up. And now I must give thanks for that Goretex jacket - a recent bargain Op Shop purchase, and in very good 'Goretexy' condition.

Thanks to Cornubia...

Oh - one more thank you. To the bright red rhododendron Cornubia, just starting to flower in the Driveway Garden. So exciting, somehow having more impact than the first Camellias. But this doesn't mean I love them any less. Giving thanks for absolutely everything in my garden, big or small, green or non-green...

 Just beautiful.
Early Flowering Cornubia Rhododendron